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Blinksale Impacted by Amazon Web Services Outage

At approximately 10:38 a.m. PT today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) reported experiencing performance issues in a single availability zone in the US EAST-1 region. They later reported the problem expanding to other Eastern regions. As part of these issues, the Blinksale marketing site went down along with a number of other websites, although the application remained unaffected.

Our engineering team worked to fully restore the Blinksale home page which serves as an entry point for many users, and as of 1:46 p.m. PT, the site is back up and running. To be cautious, we are continuing to monitoring the situation.

We have no reason to believe any user data was impacted as part of the outage.

We will post updates here as soon as they are available.

Introducing Blinksale’s newest integration: ZenCash

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If you use Blinksale, there is a good chance that some of the invoices you’ve sent have not been paid on time. That being said, I have a not-so-secret secret for you: managing the accounts receivable process just got a lot easier. Meet Blinksale’s newest integration: ZenCash.

Regardless of if your customer needs a nudge to pay the invoice you sent them, an iron first or an extra special thank-you note, ZenCash can work for you.

ZenCash is simply a service that helps small businesses say “thanks” to customers who pay on time and follow up with customers who don’t.

For ZenCash to work for you, simply sign up, connect your Blinksale account and all of your invoices will always begin syncing so that information you record on your invoices is automatically synced in ZenCash. From there you can send notes, printed invoices … and if you just are not getting paid, you can have a collections agency that ZenCash has partnered with put in the time and due diligence to collect your money for you. And the best part, is your invoices are always syncing with your Blinksale account, so you don’t have to update information in both Blinksale and ZenCash.

And we forgot to mention, it’s free to sign up and have an account. You only pay for what you use.

Check out ZenCash now.

Amazon reboot caused brief Blinksale outage

Friends, our apologies, but there was a brief outage last night around 10:30PM (CST), and a slight slow-down in performance this am around 8:30am (CST). Both were related to an Amazon reboot that happened last night that was presented to us as a “no action needed” reboot of components behind the scenes. EngineYard (our provider) is working with us to upgrade the component that caused the ripple effect on our end and ensure future reboots do not impact our users.

Scheduled maintenance

Blinksale will briefly be unavailable on Sunday, July 31, between 4:15am – 6:15am CST (10:15 – 12:15 UTC). During this time we are moving our hosting to Engine Yard.

A batch of updates for the beginning of June

Hello Blinksale users!

I just want to make a quick note of a few new things and improvements which we rolled out this weekend.

  • [new] Choose the invoice or estimate template right from within the “Send” dialog. Previously, the only way to change the template you used to send an invoice would be to change it in Settings.
  • [new] Preview the invoice or estimate before sending it. This allows you to take a look at how your client will see the invoice sent via email. You can see how various options will affect the delivered email.
  • [improved] The state of the “Send as PDF” checkbox is now remembered when sending out an invoice/estimate.
  • [new] Choose the invoice template to be used for recurring invoices.
  • [new] Allow attaching PDFs to automatically delivered recurring invoices.
  • [new] Specify payment options to be included on recurring invoices.

Hope you enjoy these. We love hearing your feature suggestions and they help us prioritize the things we have on our roadmap. So keep them coming!

Thanks! Until next time.