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Category Archives: News & Updates

OpenSSL vulnerability security response

The engineering team at Blinksale has worked to assess the impact for our customers of the CVE–2014–0160 vulnerability, also known as Heartbleed. This critical vulnerability has affected a large portion of service providers over the Internet, who are using OpenSSL. After our investigation there is no evidence that any Blinksale user credentials or user data […]

Webinar Opportunity for Blinksale Users!

Hey all! One thing we hear from you guys often is that you need help with your cash flow. Our friends at ZenCash are putting on a webinar that you are going to love called “A 13th Month of Cash Flow.” It is free and it will take place at 1pm EST this Wednesday. Check out the […]

Giving Yourself Some Inspiration

We may be in the energetic early stages of 2014, but it’s always a good time to think about giving yourself a professional boost. Maybe you’re firing on all cylinders but could use some ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. Or maybe you’ve started the year off so hard that you’re already hitting a wall. Either […]

Introducing: Stripe Integration

We are incredibly excited to announce Stripe integration with Blinksale is LIVE. Accepting payments just got a whole lot easier. Connecting is easy. If you have a Stripe account, all you have to do is sign into Blinksale, go to Payment Settings, and click the “Connect to Stripe” button under Credit Cards. Then, you will be […]

Meet Blinksale Superstar: Jacob Tell

  So many creative visionaries…so little time. Blinksale users are often involved in some fantastic work, and in 2013, we are going to spend some time interviewing and sharing the stories of some of the ones that have been with us the longest—starting with Jacob Tell. Enjoy! What do you do? I am CEO and […]