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Category Archives: Tips & Tricks

Track Time with Tempo

While Blinksale does a killer job at creating, managing and sending your invoices, it doesn’t yet have a built-in time tracking feature. We’ve preferred to leave that to task to a few other remarkable services. One unique new time tracking service you might not be aware of is Tempo. Tempo is a simple and flexible, […]

Add Timeslips to Blinksale

Free time-tracking service Time.onrails.org wins the prize for the first third-party time-tracking implementation for Blinksale. If you’ve been looking for a way to quickly add your time sheet data to Blinksale in order to invoice a client, your ship may have just come in. We’re excited about the future with Blinksale’s easy to use API, […]

Microformats Bookmarklet

Inspired by Jon Hicks’ Microformats Safari mockup, Left Logic has released a Microformats bookmarklet. The bookmarklet allows you to easily see a listing of all hCard formatted contacts on a web page, save those contacts as an .vcf file, then import that contact automatically in Address Book (if you’re on a Mac). It’s a pretty […]

Creating Overpayment Credits in Blinksale

[Editor's note: Matt's previously-published resource ¬†appears to have vanished. We will update if another resource emerges.] Currently Blinksale does not really have an official way to create credits for client overpayments. However, Blinksale subscriber Matt Thomas has just posted a smart way to handle them yourself. We love it when we learn about folks using […]

Drafting Invoices

A recent smaller addition to Blinksale that we haven’t talked about much is Drafts. Previously, when you created an invoice with Blinksale it was a live, calculated invoice from the moment you saved it. Now, when you create an invoice it is saved as a draft (and invisible to your clients) until you either A) […]