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Blinksale For Great Invoices

Mike Rundle of Business Logs has a great write-up with his thoughts on Blinksale. One of our favorite blurbs from the article is this:

“Blinksale is simple in the fact that it lets you do one important thing, brilliantly. You no longer have to generate clumsy invoices that look like garbage and then wrangle with email programs in order to send them out, Blinksale does it all for you. It keeps track of all invoices sent, received, and the ones you have to keep track of because they are continually not paid on time.

“To be honest, I really don’t care about those features. What I care about is that I can now use CSS to format my invoices and use the images, colors, and typography that I would normally format in PDF. I can turn magic tricks with CSS, and now Blinksale lets me use my expertise to create amazing invoices with all the style of a normal webpage. And if you’re not a CSS expert, there are tons of pre-designed templates you can use and still look like a invoice-styling genius.”

Thanks Mike!

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