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Taxation Without Representation

The Blinksale 1.0 release allows you to add a simple sales-tax value to invoices you have created. This value is a percentage calculated from your invoice subtotal. You can set this percentage to be whatever you want, based on your location, or based on whether or not you even have to charge tax on your sales.

We have chosen (at this point) to not include pre-defined sales tax information within Blinksale. On that note, Quickbooks and MYOB will even charge you upwards of $150 a year for the annual tax-table upgrades. That said, we encourage you to consult a professional accountant when determining how much tax you need to charge based on your situation.

On that note, Dave Shea has posted an excellent article for our creative friends north of the border regarding the tax situation of a resident-Canadian performing work for U.S.-based clients. We’ll keep a running list of valuable financial resources as we find them. Even if you choose not to subscribe to the Blinksale service, you might find it beneficial to subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • On January 12, 2011, DJI said:

    Nice software, tax aspect is what I hate most in business…

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