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The Reboot that Ate Blinksale

Well, as many of you have noticed, Blinksale was down for a large part of the last 24 hours. We’re extremely sorry for this inconvenience, and are relieved to say that it is back up and running. This was not a scheduled downtime. Best as we can tell, someone at our hosting company rebooted our server, and it booted into the wrong webserver environment. We’re taking care of this so it should never happen again.

Sadly, it went down while two of us were switching off vacation time (I’m returning, John is leaving), and neither of us were here when it went down. Again, we apologize for the downtime. Time is important, and we’re very sorry that we wasted some of yours today. Thanks for your patience.

Update: We’ve apprehended the culprit of the Blinksale downtime. A faulty UPS was to blame. It has now been replaced, and all should be happy. Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

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