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Blinksale Loves Microformats

Some of our more observant subscribers have noticed some markup changes under the Blinksale hood. Notably, Blinksale now supports the hcard Microformat on all people entries. This includes the markup of client names and contact information on your invoices.

So what does this mean? While trying my best to avoid geeking out too much here, It means that we’re doing our best to simplify the way data is presented within the Blinksale application using semantic XHTML and existing data format standards.

While broad adoption of Microformats is still a bit off in the future, their adoption and use by web applications and services like Blinksale will mean that the web is a much friendlier place to play in the future. Microformats are a building block that makes it easier for disparate applications to share like kinds of information back and forth. This is a key to success for web applications to broaden their appeal to the general public.

We know its not fun to have to reenter your client’s contact information for every web application you use. But with building blocks like microformats and web service APIs, the future for web applications should be bright. And our implementation of microformats will not simply stop with the hcard. We’re also looking for other ways to improve the semantic markup of our application to ensure that Blinksale is not just the easiest way to send invoices online. It should also be the friendliest too.

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