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Drafting Invoices

A recent smaller addition to Blinksale that we haven’t talked about much is Drafts. Previously, when you created an invoice with Blinksale it was a live, calculated invoice from the moment you saved it.

Now, when you create an invoice it is saved as a draft (and invisible to your clients) until you either A) send the invoice, or B) click the “Convert to Open Invoice” from your invoice page. Drafts are denoted with a purple label on your Invoices page, and soon we plan to add a Drafts table to your Dashboard.

Finally, many have asked what the little envelope and green check icons are on your Invoices page. Unsent invoices are marked with the open envelope, while sent (emailed) invoices are marked with the green check. One thing to note: invoices created before our 2.0 update last month will all be marked “unsent” by default as we were not previously storing this data.


  • On December 28, 2010, Michael De Havilland said:

    Is there a way that overdue invoices can be sent out automatically, say on a monthly basis?
    At present it is so long winded and slow I just don’t have the patience to spend a day at the computer sending out reminders. This results in lots of unpaid invoices and the longer they are left, the lesser the the chances they will be paid!!


  • On May 28, 2011, dawn curran said:

    Is there any way that when I delete a draft that it be removed from my list of drafts?


  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Dawn, it should be deleted. Is it still showing up?

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