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Client-Level Recurring Schedules

Since we launched Blinksale 2.0 (I still hate calling it that), folks have been asking for the ability to schedule recurring invoices templates at a client level. This feature has now been added. Previously, recurring templates had a standard start date that applied to all clients using that invoice template.

Now, each client can have their own start date. We know all those who provide web hosting services are thrilled because now an invoice template can kick off invoices to different clients on different days. This is probably something that should have been obvious to us when we added recurring templates in the first place, but in our effort to simplify the feature set, we missed this one. A big thank-you to our subscribers for speaking up.

Hope you all enjoy this one. It should make invoicing clients for repeating, common services a very easy thing to do. We’re still the easiest way to send invoices online.

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