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Creating Overpayment Credits in Blinksale

[Editor’s note: Matt’s previously-published resource  appears to have vanished. We will update if another resource emerges.]

Currently Blinksale does not really have an official way to create credits for client overpayments. However, Blinksale subscriber Matt Thomas has just posted a smart way to handle them yourself. We love it when we learn about folks using Blinksale in creative ways, and Matt is no exception.

So if your clients are sending you too much money (a good problem to have), check out Matt’s client overpayment tip [link redacted]. I think you’ll be glad you did. Thanks Matt!


  • On October 30, 2010, Joe Hastings said:

    This link is no longer valid. It would be useful to provide the information by some other means.

  • On November 4, 2010, Neil Holley-Williams said:

    Yep. Really would like to know how to do this but the link is not valid

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