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Support Mail Issues

Boy, sometimes when it rains, it pours. On top of yesterday’s bug (which is now fixed), it seems that the software we use to handle our support email has been errantly flagging some legitimate support email as spam.

That said, we just found a handful of messages from customers from weeks past this morning that we have never seen. This makes us feel pretty sick here. We make every effort to respond to support email in a very timely manner, and obviously for a few folks now, this hasn’t happened. We’re in the process of sorting through this mail, but we cannot guarantee we’ll catch every one. We’re disappointed in the way this has worked out.

If you’ve sent support email in the past and you still have an unresolved issue, please feel free to email us again. We will get back to you with a response. To those who have sent email, and have received no response, we apologize. It’s no fun to be treated with silence. We’re making steps to ensure no email gets left behind from now on. Thank you for your understanding.

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