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Putting Blinksale to REST

We’ve been working on a handful of under-the-hood improvements to Blinksale, and Blinksale subscriber Jason mentioned that it might be nice to hear about those on the blog since its been a bit quiet on the blog lately. Great idea, Jason!

Those of you who follow our other product, IconBuffet, may be aware that we recently rolled out some major improvements to that website (AKA Refactoring to REST, for you nerdy types out there) that greatly improved the speed and performance of the application.

These improvements simplify code, improve performance, and make future updates easier to apply. We’re now making these same improvements to Blinksale. Refactoring Blinksale will also give us a new, solid foundation to rebuild the Blinksale API from. We actually had a large chunk of the API completed, but put in on hold until this project is completed as they are tied together.

What does this all mean? Well, Blinksale is going to get a good bit faster soon. We’re aware that larger accounts with potentially thousands of invoices can tend to bog down when viewing your invoices. This refactoring, coupled with a server upgrade in September will boost performance quite a bit. At the same time, we should be getting close on the API, so those of you chomping at the bit to integrate Blinksale with you favorite whatever will get your chance.

In the meantime, we’re grateful for your patience, and wanted to keep you in the loop on the latest. Thanks for making Blinksale a success!

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