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Invoice Notes, Duplication, and One-Offs

The Blinksale blog has been a bit quiet lately due to the arrival of a new baby here, so I’ve been a bit out of the office. On the development side though, the engines are churning, and it’s time for me to catch up on a few of the recent additions.

First, we’ve added the long-awaited Invoice Notes field. Now you have a perfect place to store bank account details, additional invoice terms, or anything else you might like to have on your invoices at all times. You can also set your default Notes in your Settings page. It’s a nice little feature for those who need it (which appears to be a large contingent of our international customers).

Also new to Blinksale is the new Create Invoice from Template feature. Many of you already use Blinksale’s recurring templates to send repeating invoices on a regular schedule. Now you can use a recurring template to create a one-time invoice as well. Simply look for the New One-Time Invoice link on your recurring invoice page. We’ll probably be renaming “Recurring Templates” to simply “Templates” soon to reflect this change.

Finally, many of you make Purchases from other Blinksale subscribers. You know that these purchases are stored in your Purchases tab. Now you can duplicate a purchase and create a new Invoice with the purchase data. This is perfect if you work with sub-contractors and need to turn around and bill that work to someone else. Duplicate your purchase, mark up the prices if need be, and send it on to your client.

And there you have the latest. More goodies are on the way, including the long-awaited API. It’s very close now. Thanks for your patience.

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