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Microformats Bookmarklet

Inspired by Jon Hicks’ Microformats Safari mockup, Left Logic has released a Microformats bookmarklet. The bookmarklet allows you to easily see a listing of all hCard formatted contacts on a web page, save those contacts as an .vcf file, then import that contact automatically in Address Book (if you’re on a Mac). It’s a pretty slick little piece of code, and it works just dandy with Blinksale (Blinksale supports Microformats, did you know?). Anyhow, the bookmarklet works in Safari and Firefox, but no word on IE6 support yet. You should probably check it out.

Just a hint: The best place to look for Microformats in Blinksale is your Invoice view (both client and vendor are formatted as hCard entries) or your People page (lots of hCards there).

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