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Nagging Performance Issues (AKA Growing Pains)

A handful of Blinksale accounts have been experiencing some very slow load times on the Invoices page as of late. Saving invoices has also been problematic for folks with lots of invoices in their account as well. We’re aware of both of these issues, and the root cause is basically older servers in need of an upgrade.

We’ve been planning said server upgrade since July, but a delay in the shipment of our desired hardware has backed us off longer than we had hoped. The good news is that the new hardware is finally on order. The bad news is that it’s still backordered a couple more weeks. We’re terribly excited about the upgrade because it’s going to dramatically improve performance. We just wish we could’ve made this move earlier.

The growth is a wonderful problem, but we’re anxious to get this resolved. We’ve been working on software fixes as well to help smooth things along, but the bulk of the improvements will be coming in a couple weeks. Thanks to everyone for your patience in the interim.

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