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New! Basecamp Integration

We know that many Blinksale subscribers also use the popular Basecamp project management software from 37signals. In fact, we use Basecamp ourselves. We also know that it can be frustrating to enter identical client contact information into multiple web-based applications like Blinksale or Basecamp. In fact, it’s a real drag.

Today we’re pleased to announce the first round of Basecamp integration for Blinksale. Now it’s super-easy to import client names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses directly from Basecamp in your Blinksale account for painless invoicing. Simply add your Basecamp account details to your Blinksale Settings page, and we take care of the rest.

Now, when you create a new invoice in Blinksale, you can quickly import a client from Basecamp (and even synchronize that client with an existing record in Blinksale). Invoicing your Basecamp clients couldn’t be easier.

Soon, we’ll be adding support for Basecamp projects and time-tracking, creating the ultimate one-two punch: Get your job done—and get paid.

Update: Use the coupon code IHEARTBASECAMP and receive $10 off your first monthly charge when you create a new Blinksale account or upgrade your current Blinksale account to new plan. The coupon is only good for new paid accounts and upgrades, and can only be used once.

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