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Send Invoices as PDF

One of the oft-requested features for Blinksale is now a reality. Today we are pleased to announce that you can now send PDF invoices by email in addition to our standard HTML-formatted invoices.

Many of you have told us about your picky clients who must have their invoices as PDFs “or else”, and honestly we know what you’re talking about. We have a couple of clients like that as well. We hope this will prove to be a very valuable addition for those who need a little PDF oomph with your billing.

PDF invoicing is available on all Gold and Platinum level Blinksale accounts. If you use the coupon code **INEEDPDF2007** when you upgrade your account, you’ll receive $10 off your first month’s subscription for your new plan.

To send a PDF invoice, you simply need to create an invoice as you normally would, only now when you send it you simply check the Send As PDF box. Pretty easy, eh? We hope you enjoy. Thanks for using Blinksale!

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