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OpenID Support in Blinksale

Today we’re adding support for OpenID in Blinksale. OpenID is a standard for single sign-on — allowing you to log in to any supported site without remembering a separate username and password for each one. Blinksale is just the latest among many OpenID-enabled sites, including 37Signals’ Basecamp and Highrise, and our own IconBuffet.

To start using OpenID with Blinksale, the first step is to get your own OpenID address. In fact, you probably already have one: any AIM screen name is an OpenID (like openid.aol.com/screenname) and a TypeKey account can be used, too (like profile.typekey.com/username). There are dozens of other free OpenID providers; two that we recommend are MyOpenID and Verisign. Choose a provider, and you’ll get an identity URL that can be used at any OpenID-enabled site.

Then simply link your OpenID to your Blinksale account. To do that, click the “People” tab in your Blinksale account, then click the “Edit” link next to your name. Enter your OpenID address on the right side of the screen, and you’ll be off.

Once your OpenID is linked to Blinksale, you’ll be able to use it every time you log in to Blinksale. At the login form, just click “Login with an OpenID” and enter your OpenID.

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