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A few words about downtime

We hate downtime. Just like you, it makes us a little nuts when the Web apps we run our lives with aren’t available *right now*. Because that’s when you need them, right?

We’re reviewing all the ways we can make Blinksale better, including minimizing any inconvenience to you, the folks who use Blinksale to get paid. We know it’s vital to your business. We get it. And we’re going to address it as aggressively as it makes sense.

Sometimes things will happen. The weekend before last, the data center which hosts Blinksale had a network issue that kept you from doing your work on this site for far too many hours. While we can’t prevent this type of thing, we can talk to you about it. And we will.

You can follow @blinksale on Twitter for all the latest news, including any status updates about the service. (Yes, we get the irony of using Twitter to talk about downtime.) We’ll also use our Get Satisfaction page in the same way, and it also lets us go deeper into issues you want to talk about. Finally, you can always call me (214.580.2002) or email me (brian@blinksale.com) to ask questions.

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