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Let’s Build A Better Blinksale

Well, hello there. I’m Brian Oberkirch, the new Managing Director of Blinksale. I’m new because Doublewide Labs has acquired Blinksale. What does this mean for you? It means you have the chance to help us build a better Blinksale, starting now.

I was one of the first users of Blinksale when it launched back in the day. I’ve used it since then to run my own consultancy, and, like you, I appreciate how simple it is to just get down to business. But, I’ve got ideas! I’m sure you do, too. I want to hear them. Together, we can build on the great work Josh, Scott and the great team at Firewheel did to make Blinksale so loved.

So, let’s get started. Feel free to shoot me ideas at brian@blinksale.com, or give me a call at 214.580.2002. You can still always use support@blinksale.com for an everyday support issue. And see that little feedback tab over there at the right? It goes right to our page at Get Satisfaction, where we are going to be gathering all the know how from our community of Blinksale users. We think it’s going to be a great place for all of us to share ideas about making Blinksale even more awesome. Oh, and I’ll be pumping out more frequent updates at our Twitter page.

One Comment

  • On August 16, 2010, Amy said:

    Have some suggestions for some new features…

    1. I am in Australia and when we are registered for sales tax (called GST here) it is required by law that we put TAX INVOICE (not just INVOICE) on our accounts. Is is possible to make the INVOICE or ESTIMATE a variable that we can change? ie, change INVOICE to TAX INVOICE and ESTIMATE to QUOTE, etc…
    2. More payment options – I hear this one may be on its way already? we use bank transfer and cheque alot. Would be great if you could have these built in or at least variable to add your own.
    3. Would be good if client could let you know when they have paid. Obvioulsy, it cant mark the invoice as paid in the system, but it could just add a comment saying they have paid on that day? Sometimes it takes 3-5 days after they have paid, to get any money through, so this would save a lot of reminder notices going out for no reason.
    4. Customise Estimate a bit more. At the moment, it transfers the info from the Invoice Notes into the Estimate notes, but I would like the Estimate to have different notes.
    5. My other suggestion I think you fixed just today! Which was to put a link higher in the email, to view the invoice online. Thank you.

    I have been trialing blinksale and think you have a great product! Will be subscribing both our businesses. I love the simplicity, well done.


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