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Building a New Blinksale (Part 1!)

We pledged to build you a better Blinksale, and yesterday we started pushing code to do just that. We moved to some new (faster! zimzow!) hardware and pushed a big code update. Basically a rewrite of the app to make it ready for the new features we want to implement.

Along the way, we broke some things, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience you had in trying to invoice yesterday. We will say that you guys are pretty awesome in helping us fix things fast. Please keep using the page at http://getsatisfaction.com/blinksale or emailing us at support@blinksale.com. Super helpful. And we appreciate your timely input.

We had a handful of you have login problems after the update, and here’s a simple fix:

  • Clear your cookies in your browser.
  • Close the browser.
  • Reopen the browser and log back in.
  • Start your engines.

Now, to the good stuff. We’ve talked to lots of you over the past six weeks or so, and it’s clear what type of things you want to see Blinksale do.

First, we’re going to extend and deepen the partnerships we have with apps like Basecamp, Tempo and other awesome partners who work in tandem with us to make your business life simpler. Not only will we work on designing better interactions with these partners, we’ll be updating our API to give partners more options. We are big believers in pieces of the Web working together to create great moments.

Then, we need to add light versions of features you want to extend the Blinksale experience through the entire invoicing cycle: estimates, expenses, time tracking, additional payment options.

And don’t worry. We hear you loud & clear that you don’t want Blinksale to add a ton of features & get crufty. We know why you’re here, and any feature we ship will have to keep the Blinksale mojo working: simple, easy, get you right back to creating great work.

Finally, there are ‘everyday’ things that just need to work better. Simpler, more beautiful. So we’ll be doing some redesign that you hopefully won’t even notice because it will just make things flow better. Plus, we need to update some of the design options you have. Blinksale made its name originally because of the beautiful design work you could use as your own, and it’s time to revisit that a bit.

And, yes, we know you want an iPhone app. We do, too, and it’s in the cards.

If you have ideas or feedback on these priorities, you can let us know via email or the Get Satisfaction page. It’s going to get a lot more interesting around here.

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