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New Bronze Plan, Free Trials

You like simple. One of the things we keep hearing from several of you is that you’d like a simple, entry-level plan. So, starting today you have our new Bronze plan as an option. Just want to send and track a few invoices each month? This might be the plan for you.

  • 6 invoices a month
  • 6 bucks
  • No limit on how many staffers use it
  • No limit on how many clients you send to

Pretty simple. Go check it out.

We also wanted to make it simpler to try any Blinksale plan. So now every new account comes with a 30-day free trial. Kick the tires for a month on any plan, no risk. And, as always, you can upgrade or downgrade or cancel at any time. This will also make it easier for you to try some of the new features we’re going to introduce.

You might also notice that we aren’t offering the old type of free account we used to. Does that have any effect on the free account you might already have today? Nope. All current free Blinksale accounts will keep working just as you set them up. That’s the deal we all made. So, if that old school free plan is meeting your needs, then keep right on using it.

Why aren’t we offering that plan anymore? We’re taking Blinksale to a new place where it does more to help you see how your service business is developing. Helps you keep track of things. Look for patterns. We’ll be thinking less about infrequent invoice creation, and more about how Blinksale can help keep an eye on things for you. So, we’ll be making things for small businesses & service providers like you, who think that sort of constant feedback and insight is worth paying a little for each month.

As always, we’re interested in hearing what you think.

One Comment

  • On August 15, 2010, Scott said:

    I’d rather have my blinksale subscription billed through my PayPal. If this was an option, I’d sign up today.


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