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Blinksale offline for short maintenance window on April 5th.

Friends, we will be taking Blinksale offline for about an hour on April 5th beginning at 11pm CST.  I was going to post this yesterday but came to my senses, realizing that posting a downtime notice on April 1st was probably not the best idea.

Most of this year’s development efforts have been towards infrastructure improvements and increasing the redundancy of our systems.   Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes and towards more fun work (like estimates and time tracking integration).

Keep Blinking.



  • On April 3, 2010, Nonny said:

    Whatever happened to this:

    “Each release, starting with the first major new build (slated for late January) will include:

    * UX (interface changes that make Blinksale not just more functional—but also more fun)
    * Bug Fixes (yes, always a few of these)
    * Big & Expected (in-line with other similar online accounting apps)
    * Big & Unexpected (we can’t wait to share more)”


    Blinksale seems to be dead in the water and the only thing you can say that you’ve done for the past three months is upgrade infrastructure? For whom? Your rapidly dwindling userbase?

  • On April 8, 2010, bc said:

    Thanks for the comment and I understand your frustration.

    Blinksale has been growing its user base each month since 2005–hardly dead in the water, although new features have certainly been delayed way past what our expectations initially were.

    However, we too are frustrated that more time has been spent on invisible stuff like infrastructure.

    Thanks for your patience….there is more to come (both behind the scenes and stuff you can enjoy).


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