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Email Template Improvements

One of the many initiatives we have taken on for this month has been to pay some much-needed attention to emails. We want you to look your best when you send Blinksale emails to your clients.

In order to make emails bulletproof and pave the way for some new features, we have restructured all of Blinksale’s email templates. I think we can say with at least 99.9% certainty that your Estimates, Invoices and Thank-you notes should now look exactly as they were designed to look in any email client. Unfortunately, the exception to this pristine new future is the Custom templates (the one you write your own CSS for). We have a plan for those, but we’re not there yet. More on that in a minute.

New Layouts

The best part about this email restructuring is that each email now has its own styles and layout. It used to be that all invoice templates had the exact same layout, and all that changed from template to template were stylistic things like colors and fonts. This was because every “template” was actually just a new set of styles. The same house with different paint on it, so to speak.

As you can see, all invoice templates had the same layout, and only changed fonts & colors between themselves. Now, each template is a separate and unique set of layout and styles. This means that Blinksale is now poised to offer templates with new layouts. These new templates are able to break free from the “shared” template and offer very different layouts & arrangement of information.

If you’ve poked around your Settings > Invoice Templates tab recently, you’ve noticed a couple New Special Edition templates:

Thanks to the email template improvements, brand new layouts like this are now possible.

Templates for Estimates

In addition to opening up layout options for invoice emails, these new templates can also act as “bundles” which include a variant template just for estimates. For example, here is the estimate template from the New Special Delivery (White) template bundle:

Custom Templates

If you are using a Custom template, these changes do not apply… yet. We want to give all of you better tools to customize the heck out of your templates and really make them your own. In order to do that, we need some time. If you’d like to get a head start, we’re using Liquid templates to power all our template creation — even your Custom templates. The plan is to enable Liquid template uploading into Blinksale so that you can have full creative control over the template. It’s going to be pretty great.

This restructuring is fantastic. It allows us (and, soon, you) to do some really great things with email templates. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

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  • On August 17, 2010, Amy said:

    awesome! thank you

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