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July Features & Bug Fixes Roundup

Hello, friends! Hot on the heels of our successful rollout of estimates, Team Blinksale has been chugging away at even more new features and smoothing out the edges of our estimates functionality. In the wee hours of this fine Monday morning, we pushed a round of enhancements and bug fixes. Here are some of the more notable features & fixes from this morning as well as some from the past month:

  • Tagging estimates. Estimates can now be tagged, just like invoices.
  • Filtering estimates. The Estimates dashboard now has filtering controls including tag, date range, and status, just like the Invoices dashboard.
  • Main Dashboard upgrade. The Dashboard tab now displays the latest invoices and estimates.
  • Comments & history entries on estimates can now be deleted.
  • Added password recovery to general login page. If any of you log in from the main Blinksale website, we’ve now got your back should you need password assistance.
  • Javascript warnings for vendors (that’s you Blinksale account holders) who click on “Approve” and “Decline” actions for estimates. Since these are permanent actions, and they’re typically reserved for clients, it seemed prudent to display a “Here’s what’s going to happen if you click this” message for those actions.
  • Restored OpenID login.
  • Cross-link invoice with its originating estimate. Invoices converted from estimates now log a History item that links back to the originating estimate. Very handy.

Select bugs addressed in the last few weeks:

  • Logo display issues in HTML emails. Some of you may have been seeing your logo KING-SIZED on your clients’ emails. They’re back down to regular, professional-sized.
  • Changing invoice status to “open” now creates an “opened” item in the invoice history. As it should be.
  • Deleting a line from estimates does not update the subtotal. That was a weird one. Fixed.
  • Thank you template previews broken in Safari. Not critical, but annoying. Fixed.
  • Filters clearing when navigating away from page. Now, when you set a filter on your estimates or invoices dashboard, it stays active for your whole session. Leave the page & come back — the filter is still in place.

Feedback welcomed

We are always interested in your ideas and problems. There are now quite a few bugs and features in our queue that we would have never discovered on our own. Your insight is invaluable. If you have any ideas for how we can improve Blinksale, please do share them with us!


  • On August 5, 2010, Dan Moran said:

    Great work

    Will you be able to generate purchase orders to clients in the future?

  • On August 5, 2010, Kath said:

    Will I be able to see the “your ref” or in this case PO on the statement in future when sending all outstanding into Exel format?

  • On August 7, 2010, Jeremy said:

    Hi, still having problems with recording payments. Some just log wrongly in the list below an invoice. In other cases, whatever date is recorded as the payment date, the note below appears on the entry date, and fails to take into account that payment may have been made before extra charges might be incurred, thus giving a wrong results. Finally, when trying to tidy up an invoice history, the option to re-record payment is missing from the list on the right.

  • On August 9, 2010, Penny said:

    Can you change the sorting of the Recent Closed / Approved section on the Dashboard? I see 1 recently closed item then it starts listing the ones from last year. Very confusing.

  • On August 10, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    @Dan Moran & @Kath – I’ve forwarded your comments to development.

  • On August 13, 2010, Nathan said:

    I used to click on the “Invoices” tab at the top to reset my filters. Could you add a reset button to the invoice filters page?

  • On August 16, 2010, Amy said:

    Have some suggestions for some new features…

    1. I am in Australia and when we are registered for sales tax (called GST here) it is required by law that we put TAX INVOICE (not just INVOICE) on our accounts. Is is possible to make the INVOICE or ESTIMATE a variable that we can change? ie, change INVOICE to TAX INVOICE and ESTIMATE to QUOTE, etc…
    2. More payment options – I hear this one may be on its way already? we use bank transfer and cheque alot. Would be great if you could have these built in or at least variable to add your own.
    3. Would be good if client could let you know when they have paid. Obvioulsy, it cant mark the invoice as paid in the system, but it could just add a comment saying they have paid on that day? Sometimes it takes 3-5 days after they have paid, to get any money through, so this would save a lot of reminder notices going out for no reason.
    4. Customise Estimate a bit more. At the moment, it transfers the info from the Invoice Notes into the Estimate notes, but I would like the Estimate to have different notes.
    5. My other suggestion I think you fixed just today! Which was to put a link higher in the email, to view the invoice online. Thank you.

    I have been trialing blinksale and think you have a great product! Will be subscribing both our businesses. I love the simplicity, well done.


  • On August 16, 2010, Amy said:

    Also, I thought someone there may get a kick out of our new image header for our reminder notices…


  • On August 16, 2010, Amy said:

    One more suggestion, we would like to use the reoccuring invoices template to do our estimates from. Can there be an option to create a one time estimate, not just an invoice?

  • On August 16, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    @Nathan – Yes, that’s something I’ve requested as well. It’s in the queue.

  • On August 16, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    @Amy –

    RE: #1: We’ve got a ticket in the system to enable the customization of any label on an invoice/estimate, so that should get resolved at some point (sorry I can’t be very specific on when that will happen).

    RE: #3: You as the Blinksale account holder have exclusive rights to define what date the client paid the invoice, and I don’t think there’s any plan to allow clients to share that right. Clients can, however, comment on invoices. You could have your client go to the invoice page and leave a comment that they’ve paid, and then you can mark the invoice as paid when the money actually clears. That would timestamp both events in your invoice History. Just a thought…

    RE: #4: The estimate-to-invoice conversion process is pretty rigid by design. You can always edit the new invoice after the conversion and change the notes, etc.

  • On August 16, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    RE: using the recurring invoices template to make estimates – Can I ask what features are driving you to use the recurring invoice template? Is it the fact that it can be duplicated, and (currently) estimates cannot? Is it the ability to add multiple clients? Or is it something else?

  • On August 17, 2010, Amy said:

    Thanks Jared. The feature which is making me want to use the reoccuring invoice template is the “one-time invoice from template”. We have setup a template with all of our products on it, we then click on “new one-time invoice” and change quantities or delete items (rather than adding them into a new one every time). However, we cannot send estimates this way as there is no option to “create one time estimate” which would be handy for us. This is really a workaround compensating for us not being able to pick regular products or services from a drop down menu when creating an estimate / invoice.

  • On August 17, 2010, Amy said:

    RE: #1: great!

    RE: #3: Yes this is what we are currently doing, asking clients to let us know in a comment. Just thought it might be handy to have a new option for them to mark as paid – but not reflect this in the system, only show as a coment.

    RE: #4: Again what we are currently doing, hoping there was a better way as we have to copy and paste new text in the notes each time we convert an estimate to an invoice. Oh well…

    Thanks for getting back to me Jared.

  • On August 18, 2010, Jules said:

    Two ideas:

    First one’s easy: Could you offer a plan above gold (or maybe make it a feature of gold) to remove the “invoice sent by blinksale line in all emailed invoices.

    A little harder but along the same lines: What about domain aliasing or something so the invoices come from @mycompany.com and maybe the invoice page looks like (or is) hosted on my domain. That might be getting a little greedy, but I’m sure there are people willing to upgrade for a more professional look. $24/month is nothing when the invoices being sent are $x,000’s.

  • On August 18, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    @Jules –

    RE: “invoice sent by blinksale” line – We’ve received similar feedback about that, so that line has been removed for paid accounts (legacy free users still have it on their invoices). The only remaining Blinksale reference on invoices is the “You may also link this invoice to a Blinksale account” at the very bottom of the invoices. We’re still determining if that should stay or go.

    RE: email aliasing – We are actually working on that right now! :) Should be rolling out soon.

  • On August 18, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    @Kath – That’s a good idea. Added it to the queue!

  • On August 18, 2010, Jared Christensen said:

    Ah, I see. I think the best we can do for now on that front is to add “duplicate” functionality to estimates. Invoices already have a “Duplicate Invoice” option, so you can copy the invoice to a new client with all the line items and notes intact. It’s not a template solution, but it might get you close enough to what you need. I’ve added it to our queue of features.

  • On August 19, 2010, Jules said:

    Thanks Jarad…I’m not sure where I saw that ‘sent by blinksale’ line yesterday but I just looked through my past invoices sent in my inbox and couldn’t find it anywhere. Anyway thanks for removing it whenever that happened.

    I wish I could give a preferences on the “you may also link” line, but it’s tricky whatever you decide I guess since at the moment you’re hosting that content. (URL Cloaking ftw maybe, which as an SEO I probably shouldn’t advise, but would probably be ok if you blocked the pages in robots.txt ).

    Looking forward to the email aliasing.

  • On September 17, 2010, Jensa said:

    I mostly bill by the hour. Why do I have to manually calc the sum of hours? Isn’t that what computers are for?


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