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Mid-August Features & Bug Fixes Roundup

The past week has seen some upgrades that we’re pretty excited about. Let’s do this!

Custom Email Delivery

By default, when a client receives an email — be it an invoice, estimate, reminder or thank-you note — from your Blinksale account, it is sent out from Blinksale’s general mailer address: do-not-reply-invoices@blinksale.com. We’ve had multiple requests to allow delivery from a different email address.

If you look in your Settings, you’ll now see a new sidebar item called “Email Delivery.” On that page is a form with two options: “Deliver emails from the blinksale.com domain (default)” or “Deliver emails from my own domain & email address.” The first option is selected by default, and continues delivering your emails from our general Blinksale mailer address. If you’re fine with the way things are working, there’s no need to do anything.

Selecting the second option reveals a form which allows you to specify your own email address from which all of your account emails will be sent. The second step — setting up your SPF record — can be a bit tricky, so consult your DNS provider to determine exactly how to proceed there. We’ve made it a simple as possible.

When done, all emails sent from your Blinksale account will in fact be sent from your specified email address! Celebrate!

Preview Estimate Templates

Last week we introduced improved email templates, and one of those improvements was the addition of specialized templates for Estimates in the New Special Delivery template sets. Unfortunately, the templates only had a single “Preview” link, which only displayed the invoice preview. We’ve now added another link for previewing the estimate template, too. Now, as we add more templates with an estimate variant, you’ll be able to view both.

View Invoice as Client

One of the cool things we rolled out with Estimates was an option to view the client’s version of the page. Well, invoices now also have this functionality. Check out the “View Invoice as Client” in an invoice’s sidebar to see the exact page that your client is linked to in your invoice emails.

Excel Export fixes

The Excel export for invoices has been completely replaced. We are now generating a proper XLS document, compatible with Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 (and perhaps even 97). These export fixes have resolved a couple of known issues; first, invoices of all currencies were being lumped together, making it hard to do any meaningful sums without manually extracting the numeric values. The new documents have one sheet per currency. Second, depending on the Excel version used, the cells containing numbers would not be formatted properly, so you could not do any kind of math with them. Now, all numeric cells are properly set up as numbers and can be operated on.

Re-aligned People tab

When we launched the Blinksale redesign, the People tab went out a bit of a mess. In general, the direction was sound but frazzled in the details. There is certainly more to be done here in the future, but the page is now in much better shape and easier to read.

So that’s been our week. Not bad, huh?

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  • On September 7, 2010, Tim Grahl said:

    LOVE the ability to see the invoice of the client. Awesome!

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