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Beta testers needed for Blinkpay: Integrated payment processing service

For the last few months, we’ve been working on a feature that will make it even easier to get paid. We’re calling it Blinkpay, and we are looking for Blinksale customers to help us test it out in the real world.

Blinkpay is an add-on service to your Blinksale account. It allows you to accept credit card payments from your clients at really low rates. We’re already working on integrating more payment options like electronic checks and other extended features. You can get more information from this Blinkpay PDF.

We need beta testers that will:

  • Complete the application process;
  • Send invoice(s) to client(s) with the credit card payment option enabled;
  • Ask clients to pay these invoices with credit cards

We need to hit all three of these points to successfully test Blinkpay. In return, beta testers will not be charged the $10 monthly Blinkpay subscription fee while the service is in beta (testers will, however, be responsible for their per-transaction fees which — again — are really low).

If you are interested in testing Blinkpay, please contact patrick@blinksale.com. Be sure to tell him your account address (e.g. https://youraccountaddress.blinksale.com) so we can get you on the list. We will grant beta access to as many of you as we can.

Thanks in advance for helping us make Blinksale (and Blinkpay) great!


  • On December 13, 2010, Kathy Cannon said:

    I would love to help out. I’m a sole proprietor. I have a customer who regular pays via PayPal. So let’s try it!
    – Kathy C

  • On December 29, 2010, Justin M. said:

    Well this is going to be awesome. :) Any ETA for everyone?

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