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Blinksale outages

As you must have noticed, Blinksale has been on and off today. This is due to a DDoS attack on our primary application servers.

We are working with our datacenter to put protections in place, and are taking measures to strengthen our servers against the attack.

We know this is frustrating and ask you for your patience. Our teams in Dallas and Europe are working hard to get things back to normal.

Delivery of your recurring invoices has not been affected — all invoices have been delivered on schedule.

For those of you having trouble signing in, try accessing the https://your-blinksale-id.blinksale.com URL directly.

Stay tuned for an update.

One Comment

  • On December 14, 2010, Steph said:

    Thanks folks! It’s no fun being DDoS-ed!

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