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Introducing Blinksale Unlimited

Starting today, May 1st, we are making a big change here at Blinksale.

The perennial “tiered” plans model—the one that offers Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans—is being put out to pasture. In its place, Blinksale is introducing a new model offering just one plan: Blinksale Unlimited.

This plan is just $15 a month and offers unlimited everything: invoices, estimates, users, clients, support and more. No limits!

This is huge, we know, and raises a lot of questions. Do I need to pay more now? Do I get the same features? Is there anything I need to do? But the biggest question is probably, “Why?” Because counting invoices holds us back. Both of us.

As you have probably noticed, Blinksale has enjoyed a resurgence of development activity; the app has been redesigned, estimates have been added, Blinkpay has been launched, and there have been dozens of performance and UI enhancements made all over the place (with even more great stuff on the horizon). We love this product, and want to spend every day making it rock your bottom line.

Increasingly, the practice of limiting invoices based on each account type has either hampered or added complication to the development of new features. Every time we think about adding something new to Blinksale, we have to run it through the questions: “So how does this work with invoice counting? How does this feature change with each plan?”

Not only does this suck for us, it sucks for you. There’s this barrier between now and the future, and it’s invoice counting. It’s time to remove that barrier.

What this means for current customers

An email has gone out to all current Blinksale customers with details pertaining to this change. In a nutshell, all customers who were paying more than $15.00 before the switch will automatically switch over to Blinksale Unlimited and enjoy a lower monthly subscription. For those paying less than $15.00, you’ve got until July 1st to ponder the change and jump aboard.

For those not interested in switching to the new plan, on July 1st your account will simply “hibernate”—meaning you will still be able to request access to your account and sign up for Blinksale Unlimited. [updated 4/7/2012] We will never delete or hinder you from getting to your data. Again, if you ever decide to continue with Blinksale Unlimited in the future, your account will be waiting for you.

What this means for new customers

Starting May 1, 2011, new customers will have no “What plan to I chose?” dilemma. There will only be Blinksale Unlimited. One all-inclusive plan for one low price gives customers everything Blinksale has, without limits. A set of features that used to cost $99 now costs only $15. Dang, that’s a good deal.

Thank you

We’ve worked for months to architect a transition that is both fair and smooth for our current customers—and one that presents a great alternative for new ones. This is an exciting new chapter in Blinksale’s life, and we’re happy you’re here. We’re counting on you (and not counting invoices)!

Onward and upward!


  • On May 25, 2011, Bruce said:

    I’ve been with Blinksale for 5 years, but no more. For the number of invoices I send each year all the new plan means to me is money for nothing, and with the upgrades to PayPal’s invoice system I can now do everything I need to do directly through them for free. Too bad. I liked Blinksale, but obviously my business is no longer big enough to be of interest to them.

  • On May 26, 2011, Bastien said:

    Upgraded !
    Now please consider adding an “attachment” feature with email.
    I’m freelancer and always send my timesheet attached with the invoice to my client.

    Keep up the good work !

  • On May 30, 2011, Mark said:

    How much are you going to pay for PayPal fees? Do you usually take your payments through paypal? My (few) clients write checks. I just do little jobs on the side. I thought about sending them a PayPal invoice since I know that they’ve finally improved their invoicing features, but then I thought about the ~3% that PayPal will take of my money.

    So I just sent one more on my freebie account. I currently only send a few invoices/year myself so I’m not sure that Blinksale is a necessity for me either, but if I start sending more invoices, I will reconsider. I like to support good software.

  • On May 31, 2011, Tony said:

    I’m on the fence on this. I just don’t have the business to justify $15/mo. But I love the site and software. It is real thought out and a real labor of love. The support is first class. Maybe my buisness will pick up in the next month or so.

    Good luck.

  • On June 2, 2011, Andre said:

    I’m also in a similar situation to like you, doing less freelance stuff and spending for an invoicing app $15 per month seems bit too much. Actually, I did put some time researching on the new invoicing apps in the market (Freshbooks is plain horrible, can’t imagine switching to it from Blinksale). From what I found Ballpark, Invoice Machine and CurdBee offers great service for the price. So I would recommend to choose one of these 3 based on your budget.

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Andre, we’d love for you to stick around and see all that we have planned for Blinksale. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to let me know. Have a great weekend! ;)

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Mark, thanks for the kind words about our being “good software”. If you have any questions for me or need any help, please feel free to let us know.
    patrick at blinksale dot com

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Bastien, thanks for upgrading! We are definitely keeping that feature request in mind as we move forward on Blinksale. Excited to have you on board! -Patrick

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Brian, sorry to see you go. Like we’ve said in these comments, change is tough and focus is good. Blinksale will only get better from here. -Patrick

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Ron, we will honor the upgrades through July.

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Brian, so glad to have you join us. “Biting the bullet” on this one will feel more like biting your favorite foods in the next few months with the functionality that you’ll gain by sticking with us. Excited to have you on board!

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Donald, thanks for sticking with us and sharing your sense and knowledge. Glad to have you along!

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Tim, sorry to see you go, but focus is necessary for us. A lot for us to look forward to at Blinksale. Best of luck to you and your business. -Patrick

  • On June 3, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Sorry to see you go! Best of luck to you and your business.

  • On August 3, 2011, ira said:

    I guess if you invoice a lot, it pays to upgrade but I only send out 2 invoices a month, so I can not justify doubling my monthly cost. You should rethink this.

  • On August 4, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Ira, thanks for checking in. Change is hard, but focus is good. We know that we can’t be all things to all people. Best of luck to you and your business.

  • On August 5, 2011, Don said:

    I started out with the free account, then went to the $6/month one when I was busy enough to hit the cap a couple of times on sending 3 invoices/month. I wasn’t sure if the upgrade was worth it at first, but realistically, if I bill even one client a month, the cost is about 3 lattes at Starbucks in a month, and it makes it a lot easier to be able to pull up my records anywhere and to send professional looking pdf invoices.

    I understand those looking for a free option, but as a developer, do you want to build and support a system for a bunch of people to use and not get paid for it? I’m sure the services you all offer the rest of us could benefit from if you didn’t charge us either…. keep that in mind. I doubt the Blinksale guys are flying to meetings in corporate jets. (you’re not doing that… right guys…???)

  • On August 10, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Don, thanks so much for your support! We don’t have jets, but you should see our private island! ;) But seriously, no island and your logic is really appreciated.

  • On August 15, 2011, Zach said:

    I’m not looking for free, but when I only send 1-2 invoices a month, $15 seems like a lot. I am disappointed in some of your responses and the apparent willingness to so easily loose paying customers. Why not offered a pay-per-invoice option for those of us who only send a few each month. Can you recommend another service that does work good for only a few?

  • On August 16, 2011, Phil Johnston said:

    It’s a pretty bad idea to auto close someone’s account who is a paying customer. Why would I want to pay more for a service that was doing exactly what I needed it to? Bad idea guys. I’ll be making the switch to Freshbooks.

  • On August 17, 2011, Zach said:

    Yeah, exactly my thoughts.

  • On September 11, 2011, Paul said:

    A shame, but best of luck to you guys. Obviously Blinksale is not the simple service it was when it started, and its new owners didn’t buy it to give their services away. I don’t send enough invoices in a year to justify paying $15 a month, and without a pay-per-invoice option or something cheaper, it doesn’t make sense for me. I wish you had made it easier to peruse my account information one last time instead of just giving me an XML file, but whatever.

  • On December 15, 2011, Kenny said:

    :( I send a handful of invoices a year, and now have to close my account

  • On December 18, 2011, Aryanpour said:

    I’m gonna use this service for sending invoices to my clients. It’s great service.

  • On December 18, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    We’re so glad to hear that! Let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

  • On December 18, 2011, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Kenny, sorry to hear that you had to go. Let us know if you ever choose to come back and if there is anything we can do for you.

  • On September 26, 2012, Ever Lopez said:

    are you receiving my emails guys?

  • On October 23, 2012, Patrick Dodd said:

    Did your emails get a response? Hope you’re having a great day!

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