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Meet Blinksale Superstar: Jacob Tell


So many creative visionaries…so little time. Blinksale users are often involved in some fantastic work, and in 2013, we are going to spend some time interviewing and sharing the stories of some of the ones that have been with us the longest—starting with Jacob Tell. Enjoy!

What do you do?

I am CEO and Creative Lead of Oniracom, a digital marketing agency based in Santa Barbara. We are lucky to work with some of the worlds finest music, entertainment and lifestyle artists and brands. We work to enhance each brand’s identity, web presence, and social media campaign with innovative strategies and leading edge technologies.

How long have you been running your business?

We founded Oniracom in the spring of 2001 before the social media era or days of mobile devices. We’ve evolved with the landscape while maintaining a high level of expertise.

What is the most important aspect of running your own business? 

Hands down, it’s ensuring people are happy—both our internal team and clients. We love putting amazing projects on the web and then reading about how it has helped our customers share their message or their art.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I am a film nerd, a music junky, and food-a-holic (i prefer this term to foodie). Being in Santa Barbara is the perfect setting for my favorite outdoor activities such as mountain biking and tennis — and for my wife and I to feel like we’re always on vacation. And you will find me consuming baseball whenever possible (if not watching games, absorbing stats & history).

How long have you been using Blinksale?

We started using Blinksale in 2009 and it has been a big help in improving our ability to track receivables, run collections and get a snapshot of cash flow.

What is your favorite part of Blinksale?

Recurring invoices. This feature allows us to automate the billing tasks for our retainer clients and saves us time—and makes us look even more professional in front of our customers.

What advice would you give a freelance web developer wanting to grow into a larger studio?

You are a part of an eco-system. Make introductions, foster relationships, and build your business alongside your advisors, partners, vendors and clients. Freelancing offers an incredibly flexible lifestyle, but you are not an island. Be social (and not just online).


  • On March 13, 2013, Duncan Westley said:

    Nice to see a local Santa Barbara business popping up here. Love the Blinksale!

  • On March 13, 2013, Patrick Dodd said:

    Yeah Duncan! Email me at patrick @ blinksale. We’d love to hear about your business!

  • On August 12, 2013, Cathie Dunklee-Donnell said:

    Sounds great. I love Santa Barbara and Blinksale.

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