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Giving Yourself Some Inspiration

We may be in the energetic early stages of 2014, but it’s always a good time to think about giving yourself a professional boost. Maybe you’re firing on all cylinders but could use some ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. Or maybe you’ve started the year off so hard that you’re already hitting a wall.

Either way, I wanted to give you a few ideas to step up your game:

1. Grab coffee with a mentor. This can be someone you know, or maybe someone you have just admired online who is also local. If you don’t know them already, introduce yourself. Ask for an hour of their time. Talk to them how they got started, what they love about the work they do, and share tales from the trenches. And then make sure to keep in touch and meet up again.

2. Ask your Twitter followers for a podcast or blog that inspires them. There are a few companies and people who —no matter their profession —always seem to level up my productivity and desire to succeed.

3. Go play. It may seem counter-productive, but getting away from your work for as little as 30 minutes can give you the perspective and inspiration that you need. Even Einstein took violin breaks. Go for a hike, a bike ride, or whatever makes you happy and puts you in a relaxed mental state.

Try one of these ideas out soon, and let us know if they helped!

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