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Invoice notes formatting improvements

A few weeks back we made some improvements to the way invoice notes are handled under the hood. We thought it would be helpful to write about them so that more of you can benefit from them and get feedback on how to improve to make them better suit your needs.

Not all of you may know, but the “Invoice notes” field allows a small subset of HTML tags. Unfortunately we can not allow all HTML tags due to security considerations, so we employ whitelisting to only permit some HTML tags.

You can use elements like A, STRONG, EM, UL, TABLE etc. Here is a list of all the allowed elements and attributes:

Our recent improvements included 3 changes:

1. all permitted HTML elements can have the class attribute present.
2. <TD> elements can have the colspan and rowspan attributes present.
3. A set of CSS classes for styling elements inside invoice notes.

Here is a full list of CSS classes you can apply on the elements inside invoice notes in order to style them:

These styles will be applied consistently across all variants of your invoice – on the web, in emails and PDF.

For example, you can use these styles to provide details about a particular line item on your invoice in the notes. Using the following code:

Would produce invoice notes formatted like this:

Invoice formatting notes example

Hope you enjoy these improvements and can’t wait to hear from you.

One Comment

  • On June 12, 2014, Merrill said:

    It would be great if we could attach word docs and/or PDFs to invoices and estimates. This would be especially useful with estimates so a full proposal could be sent for approval.


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