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Communicating Well With Your Clients

Clearly communicating with clients is not always easy, and we are often asked for advice. Here are 3 sure-fire tips that we believe will improve any client relationship.

1. Make your voice heard. You were hired because you have specific talent or expertise. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion! Your client will appreciate your candor and dedication to their success, and your work will be better for it.

2. Give frequent updates. No one likes being in the dark, especially when they’re paying good money for work. Often times there are long stretches of silence between updates. Over-communicate! Sharing your progress and status lets your client trust you because they know what is happening (even if it’s not all good news).

3. Most importantly, always be kind & work hard. It seems like common sense that these qualities should thread through everything you do, but that’s not always the case. Clients may forget the details of everything you did for them, but they will always remember if you were nice & worked hard.

Now get out there and communicate!


  • On July 31, 2014, Michael De Havilland said:

    When are you going to integrate a way that all outstanding invoices are sent in one hit instead of having to individually load each invoice up (very, very slowly in UK) and send them off.

    I am losing a fortune because I can’t face the prospect of having to sit at the desk for hours on end and send off 100-200 overdue invoices!!!!!!

  • On August 1, 2014, Patrick Dodd said:

    Hey Michael,

    Have you seen our integration with ZenCash? That’s exactly what it’s for. As a UK, based user, you can use the email actions!

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