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Scheduled Maintenance

Blinksale will briefly be unavailable due to a scheduled maintenance from Engine Yard and AWS on Tuesday, September 30, between 09:00:00 GMT (1am PST) and 15:00:00 GMT (8am PST).

During this period, our database master instance will be rebooted, making the main application unavailable for only a few minutes.

If you have any questions in the meantime, let us know: support@blinksale.com


We decided to perform a proactive maintenance on Monday, to avoid a longer downtime on Tuesday. The Blinksale webapp was unavailable for 15 minutes, starting at 21:25 GMT (1:25pm PST). During this period, we promoted our database slave to master, and provisioned a new database slave replica.

To understand more about why this maintenance was required, check out these two links:

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