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Author Archives: txbc

Amazon reboot caused brief Blinksale outage

Friends, our apologies, but there was a brief outage last night around 10:30PM (CST), and a slight slow-down in performance this am around 8:30am (CST). Both were related to an Amazon reboot that happened last night that was presented to us as a “no action needed” reboot of components behind the scenes. EngineYard (our provider) […]

Introducing Blinksale Unlimited

Starting today, May 1st, we are making a big change here at Blinksale. The perennial “tiered” plans model—the one that offers Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans—is being put out to pasture. In its place, Blinksale is introducing a new model offering just one plan: Blinksale Unlimited. This plan is just $15 a month and […]

Telling the story of your finances

Let me start by saying I hate accounting. But I am excited to begin sharing with you about my budding love affair with the very thing.  It began last week, with a book by Leita Hart called Accounting Demystified (especially the first 4-5 chapters). As a creative type, my brain just isn’t drawn to financial […]

Alive and protected by Verisign.

If you have tried using Blinksale over the last week, you know that we have been the target of a very nasty series of attacks–what are known as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. A DDoS attack is when some number of computers (usually from all over the world), organized by an attacker, flood a […]

It dropped below 100 degrees in Dallas! PDF’s run wild!

Well, after 20+ consecutive days of 100+ degree temperatures in Dallas, we have finally dropped into the low 90’s. It is downright chilly. Maybe some Blinksale pullover sweaters are in order. PDF Invoices included FREE on all PAID Accounts: So, who cares? Well you’ll care. Because our heat exhaustion is your PDF gain. We are […]