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Author Archives: txbc

Short maintenance window Friday night

Friends, things are cooking here at Blinksale. I know that some of you close to the situation know that for a few years, there was little progress in the way of new features, etc. Additionally, most of the last year has been behind the scenes work. However, this is going to be a busy summer. […]

Regarding network outages today

Friends, over the last 24 hours our data center provider, ThePlanet experienced a network outage that impacted some portion of their customers, including Blinksale. Their network issues caused two short, unplanned outages for us including one around midnight CST and one this morning around 8:00am. To protect you against a future incident like this, we […]

New update today: improved webmail support

Friends, today we added a few things to Blinksale that will improve the rendering of emails (ie, the invoices you send to your customers) in webmail clients like Gmail and Yahoo! mail. It does not affect the way emails look in other desktop clients like Apple mail, and will not improve the way emails look […]

2 Short maintenance windows this weekend.

Friends, last weekend’s maintenance was a success. We were offline for 50 minutes and successfully completed the first portion of a few server upgrades. This weekend, we will be doing the final steps of this process and will be offline for about 30 minutes Friday night at midnight (CST) and then Saturday night at midnight […]

Blinksale offline for short maintenance window on April 5th.

Blinksale scheduled maintenance April 5th.