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Scheduled Maintenance

Blinksale will briefly be unavailable due to a scheduled maintenance from Engine Yard and AWS on Tuesday, September 30, between 09:00:00 GMT (1am PST) and 15:00:00 GMT (8am PST).

During this period, our database master instance will be rebooted, making the main application unavailable for only a few minutes.

If you have any questions in the meantime, let us know: support@blinksale.com


We decided to perform a proactive maintenance on Monday, to avoid a longer downtime on Tuesday. The Blinksale webapp was unavailable for 15 minutes, starting at 21:25 GMT (1:25pm PST). During this period, we promoted our database slave to master, and provisioned a new database slave replica.

To understand more about why this maintenance was required, check out these two links:

Blinksale launches Stripe International

Last year we introduced Stripe payments for our U.S. customers, and today we are pleased to announce that Stripe is available to all Blinksale customers in the 17 countries served by Stripe. As Stripe adds more countries, so will we!

Connecting is easy. If you have a Stripe account, all you have to do is sign into Blinksale, go to Payment Settings, and click the “Connect to Stripe” button under Credit Cards. You will be redirected to Stripe, where you may sign into your existing account or sign up for a new one. After the process finishes on Stripe’s end, you’ll be connected and redirected back to Blinksale.

If you have any questions, we’re here and happy to help you.

Scheduled maintenance

Blinksale will briefly be unavailable due to a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, September 6, between 2:15am – 3:15am CST (8:15 – 9:15 UTC).

If you have any questions in the meantime, let us know: support@blinksale.com

Communicating Well With Your Clients

Clearly communicating with clients is not always easy, and we are often asked for advice. Here are 3 sure-fire tips that we believe will improve any client relationship.

1. Make your voice heard. You were hired because you have specific talent or expertise. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion! Your client will appreciate your candor and dedication to their success, and your work will be better for it.

2. Give frequent updates. No one likes being in the dark, especially when they’re paying good money for work. Often times there are long stretches of silence between updates. Over-communicate! Sharing your progress and status lets your client trust you because they know what is happening (even if it’s not all good news).

3. Most importantly, always be kind & work hard. It seems like common sense that these qualities should thread through everything you do, but that’s not always the case. Clients may forget the details of everything you did for them, but they will always remember if you were nice & worked hard.

Now get out there and communicate!

Invoice notes formatting improvements

A few weeks back we made some improvements to the way invoice notes are handled under the hood. We thought it would be helpful to write about them so that more of you can benefit from them and get feedback on how to improve to make them better suit your needs.

Not all of you may know, but the “Invoice notes” field allows a small subset of HTML tags. Unfortunately we can not allow all HTML tags due to security considerations, so we employ whitelisting to only permit some HTML tags.

You can use elements like A, STRONG, EM, UL, TABLE etc. Here is a list of all the allowed elements and attributes:

Our recent improvements included 3 changes:

1. all permitted HTML elements can have the class attribute present.
2. <TD> elements can have the colspan and rowspan attributes present.
3. A set of CSS classes for styling elements inside invoice notes.

Here is a full list of CSS classes you can apply on the elements inside invoice notes in order to style them:

These styles will be applied consistently across all variants of your invoice – on the web, in emails and PDF.

For example, you can use these styles to provide details about a particular line item on your invoice in the notes. Using the following code:

Would produce invoice notes formatted like this:

Invoice formatting notes example

Hope you enjoy these improvements and can’t wait to hear from you.