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Category Archives: Blinkbits

What Can You Charge a Client For?

You hear over and over again that freelancers shouldn’t be afraid to charge what they’re worth. But it can be equally confusing for freelancers to know what they should charge for. That extra, hour-long phone call to clarify project details, that new software you need for a particular job, the time you spend emailing back […]

Avoid the Freelance Stupor: 4 Tips for Motivation

It’s amazing how much you can get done in a 40-hour week. It’s also amazing how little you can get done. The difference between killing it during the workweek and letting the workweek kill you often comes down to not efficiency, but motivation. If you’ve found yourself slipping into that all-too-familiar freelance stupor, here are […]

Entrepreneur or Freelancer: Which Are You?

It might seem like a minor distinction, but understanding the difference between being a freelancer and being an entrepreneur is a pretty big deal. Thinking your one but acting like the other can lead to a lot of stress and a lot of frustration. Sometimes it can be enough to make you throw in the […]

So, What Are You Doing With Mobile?

When we were at iPhone Dev Camp this summer the running joke was ‘the phone app is the new web site.’ Perhaps you recall the dot com days when you had to have a site, even if you weren’t quite sure what you were doing there. Well, the phone is the new web site. And […]

But are you working on the right thing?

Erika Hall had a great line about the perks of working for yourself: you get to choose which 20 of the 24 hours you’re going to work on the business. And it’s true that the iconography and imagery of entrepreneuring is filled with scenes of people sleeping under their desks, eating horrible food late at […]