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Category Archives: Help

How do I print an invoice?

To print an invoice, first locate it under the Dashboard or Invoices tabs. Click on the invoice you want to print, then hit Print Invoice in the sidebar on the right.

How do I change the company contact information that my clients see?

Click on the Settings link at the top of the page, then the Edit My Company Information link in the lower left. Fill out the details as you want your clients to see them (not necessarily as you want us to see them, your billing address can be set separately) and hit Save Company Info.

How do I create a recurring invoice?

If you need to invoice clients for the same items on a repeating basis — such as monthly — then recurring invoices are for you. To create one, click on the Recurring tab, then hit New Template. Give your template a name and complete the line items as you would for a normal invoice. Then, […]

About tags

Tags are keywords that you assign to invoices you’ve created, in order to make finding them later easier. On any invoice page, hit Add tags, then enter your keywords in the text field that appears. Separate each tag with a space: design development architecture Or to join 2 words, use a hyphen: web-design josh-williams Hit […]

How do I export my data?

Blinksale allows you to download an XML-formatted file containing all your users, clients and invoices. You can then keep this file on your local computer as a backup, burn it to CD-R or use it in other applications than understand XML. To download your data, hit the Invoices tab then click the XMLlink at the […]