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Category Archives: Help

How do I change my credit card information?

You can change which card you want Blinksale to bill at any time. Just click on the Settings link at the top of the page, then click on the Account & Billing button in the sidebar on the right. Look for the change card link under “Billing Information” and hit that. You can then enter […]

How do I add a note to an invoice?

After hitting Send Invoice, you’ll see a box labeled “Your Message” in “Send Invoice” panel. This is a good place to thank your client for the project and suggest preferred payment methods. Type whatever you like, then hit the Send Invoice button when you’re done. You can also set up a standard invoice greeting that […]

How can I tell how many invoices I’ve created?

You can hit Show Counter at the top of the page to see a tally of the invoices you’ve created so far, and how many you have available to use in the current monthly cycle. Click on Hide Counter in the same spot to dismiss the info.

How do I change my thank-you message?

To enter your own thank you message, click on the Settings link at the top of the page. Then, click on the Thank-you Templates button in the sidebar on the right. Type your own gracious words in the message box—remembering that you’re not only showing a courtesy to your client; you’re also giving them reason […]

How do I change the appearance of my thank-you messages?

Blinksale provides a number of options for making your thank you messages look as professional and attractive as possible. First, it’s easy to upload your own logo for placement on every thank you message. Second, Blinksale offers a variety of invoice templates to choose from. To find these, click on the Settings link at the […]