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Category Archives: Praise & Props

Blinksale Featured in Designing The Obvious

Designing the Obvious, a new book by Robert Hoekman, Jr., proclaims itself as “a common sense approach to web application design.” The book aims to help designers and developers build web-applications that are intuitive and easy-to-use. Blinksale is featured prominently in the book, offering some insight into how we crafted and designed Blinksale to be […]

Saved By Blinksale

Faced with the “looming issue of billing,” Jeff Perrin notes that Blinksale saved his day. Learn how.

Top-Notch Interface

Designer Marko Dugonjic had some wonderful things to say about Blinksale: “What makes [Blinksale] different is its’ simplicity and top-notch interface” “[The] templates are quite refreshing, but professional, and as such they are perfect for small (web) design companies and freelancers.” Catch the rest of Marko’s thoughts at his website Maratz.com.

Heavenly Invoicing

James Archer, founder of Pheonix-based Forty Media, has Blinksale blushing as he’s described it as “heavenly invoicing” in an article written for The Return of Design. “Blinksale works the way you want it to work. From the first invoice, I felt like I’d been using it for months.” “The interface is aesthetically pleasing, but more […]

Blinksale: Making Invoices Fun

We have an informal motto around here. Basically it states, “If it’s not fun, don’t do it.” Colin Devroe seems to think that this is the case with Blinksale. He says: Blinksale invoices are powerful for several very important reasons. The first being that creating invoices is not only easy, but fun. That’s powerful. If […]