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Category Archives: Praise & Props

Cutting the Clutter

While Virtual Stan was unavailable for comment, Jason Santa Maria did have some wonderful things to say about Blinksale: “My life is already cluttered with enough things to manage it. Blinksale cuts things down to what’s important; keeping track of payments all in one place, and fitting in seamlessly with a brand.” Read the rest […]

Blinksale: It Just Works

Chuck Mallott, a Dallas-area design professional, had this to say on his weblog: Blinksale is simple, really. But like the iPod, don’t mistake simplicity for lack of features or ability. Its very obvious that a lot of thinking went into this product. When Blinksale launches, I believe it will instantly become a “must have” tool […]

Get Yer Invoice On(line)

Khoi Vinh, a founder of NY-based design firm Behavior had this to say about Blinksale: “I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at its extremely well-designed interface, and picked up its basic principles in literally just a few minutes — five minutes from log-in to sending out my first test invoice. All told, […]