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Category Archives: Tips & Tricks

Sending invoices with Blinksale vs. Word Processors

When in casual conversation with our friends who send invoices, we often find that the response to “What do you send your invoices with?” is “Usually just a Pages or Word doc. Maybe an Excel spreadsheet.” (cringe) At the end of the day, if you are sending Word docs and you love it, that’s great. […]

Communicating Well With Your Clients

Clearly communicating with clients is not always easy, and we are often asked for advice. Here are 3 sure-fire tips that we believe will improve any client relationship. 1. Make your voice heard. You were hired because you have specific talent or expertise. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion! Your client will appreciate your […]

Track Time with Tempo

While Blinksale does a killer job at creating, managing and sending your invoices, it doesn’t yet have a built-in time tracking feature. We’ve preferred to leave that to task to a few other remarkable services. One unique new time tracking service you might not be aware of is Tempo. Tempo is a simple and flexible, […]

Add Timeslips to Blinksale

Free time-tracking service Time.onrails.org wins the prize for the first third-party time-tracking implementation for Blinksale. If you’ve been looking for a way to quickly add your time sheet data to Blinksale in order to invoice a client, your ship may have just come in. We’re excited about the future with Blinksale’s easy to use API, […]

Microformats Bookmarklet

Inspired by Jon Hicks’ Microformats Safari mockup, Left Logic has released a Microformats bookmarklet. The bookmarklet allows you to easily see a listing of all hCard formatted contacts on a web page, save those contacts as an .vcf file, then import that contact automatically in Address Book (if you’re on a Mac). It’s a pretty […]