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"Blinksale, without a question, delivers on their promise to be the easiest, most productive way to send invoices."

Get Paid Fast

Blinksale members get paid 10 days faster with our easy online payments

Send Invoices in Seconds

- Start from a beautiful template.
- See when clients view your invoices.
- Automatic discount and tax calculation

Get Paid How You Like

- Stripe, Paypal, & Coinbase integrations
- Accept all credit cards & bank transfers
- Safe and secure transactions

Payment Reminders

- Automatically send payment reminders
- See when clients view and pay
- Clients can't hide anymore

Impress with Beautiful Invoices

With just one click, you can generate custom professional invoices you can email your customers.

Easily bill, manage, and automate all of your payments in one simple tool, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Easy Recurring Payments

Remove the complexity of creating a subscription-based business and automatically charge customers on your own set schedule.

Manage all of your subscriptions with our comprehensive real-time dashboard, so you can track how payments are flowing in your company.


Get Paid Fast with a Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or Crypto.

Simply connect your Stripe, PayPal, and/or Coinbase credentials to your Blinksale account and let your clients instantly pay from the invoice. There is nothing your client needs to sign up for!

Fast and easy payments when you send an invoice with payments turned on, a “Pay Now” button is embedded in the emailed invoice. It also appears on the client’s online invoice. Getting paid couldn’t be any easier.

“Blinksale simplifies my least favorite part of owning a business and helps me focus more on doing the things I love.”

Austin Mann

“Blinksale helps us get in, get out, and get paid.”

Jay Gullion

“Blinksale is fast, quick, and functional. Everything you need to get paid and back to work."

Jordan Jennings

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