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"Every Sole Proprietor Needs This!"

Blinksale's customer support really sets them apart. It is always prompt and very helpful. It is so nice to get a quick reply whenever I have a question.

I have recommended Blinksale to everyone I know who is starting a small, service based business. Blinksale is my entire accounting department - and is so easy to stay on top of invoicing and getting paid on time!

Blinksale is so easy to use. When I first set it up, it was easy to customize the layout of the invoice my own logo and product / service descriptions. I love the ability to set up re-occurring invoices as well as the ability to send "reminder" payment emails to clients.

Cathy S.

"Robust yet affordable, user-friendly tool"

First of all, for the price for the unlimited plan, you can't go wrong. This app is amazing, allows you to get paid on time, is easy for the customer and helps keep you organized as well.

My favorite feature is the "estimate" feature that allows the client to proof an invoice/proposal before paying.

Caitlin K.
Community Manager

"A service that makes me a better creative "

Switching my estimating & invoicing over to Blinksale a year ago was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Blinksale is simple to use, which saves me time on the things I don't like doing. It's great for my clients, keeps me organized and helps me get paid more quickly. And, their search feature makes it easy for me to do my sales tax reporting without having to call my accountant.

The one complaint I had was that you couldn't reorder lines in an invoice or estimate. But, after a quick chat response w Patrick, I felt heard & within a couple of months, that feature was added!

Great service. Even better people. Not sure why you'd want to use anything else.

Trey H.
Small Business Owner

"Simple, Professional, GREAT Customer Service "

I stumbled upon Blinksale in the throws of opening up my own freelancing business. Every creative I knew recommended it, vouched for it . . . basically wouldn't shut up about it.

The moment I started my free trial, I knew I'd found something special in Blinksale. The format is clean, simple, and easy to use.

I love that clients can add comments to estimates and pay seamlessly online.

Plus, I know that if I ever have a question, I will receive an answer almost immediately from the Blinksale team. They are truly dedicated to excellence.

This is not another invoicing company--its a team that cares deeply about the people it serves and demonstrates it on a daily basis.

Suzanne O.
Founder / Owner

"Simple, Easy, & Great for Business"

I've been using Blinksale for over 3 years after comparing & trialing several major invoicing platforms. The interface is simple and clean, not overloaded with useless features and design elements.

Set up so easy to get it the way you want it to look and feel. Payment options make my life less stressful.

But the thing I love most about Blinksale is the customer service. It's great to be able to ask questions and make suggestions and to actually be heard by real people! Seriously responsive and friendly and actually helpful.

Love this app and recommend it to everyone.

Paul G.

"Blinksale is Exactly What You're Looking For"

Blinksale has completely changed and simplified the way we invoice. Their estimates and invoices offer an easy-to-learn interface that can do exactly what you need it to, allowing you to tailor each document to each unique client. After a few minutes navigating Blinksale, I felt like a pro.

Combined with a clean and organized invoice for your client and helpful customer service that actually responds -- Blinksale is a must-have.

I highly recommend Blinksale to any small-business owner looking to get the most out of the way they invoice.

Vince K.
Business Operations Manager

"Blinksale for the Win!"

I have used ALOT of invoicing programs in the past, but Blinksale is by far the easiest to use on both the user and client side of things.

I would highly recommend this application to anyone who needs to get paid, and look good doing so.

My favorite part? The one click integration with Stripe payments.

Dawson R.

"Amazing Amazing Amazing"

Blinksale is so easy to use. It has a great interface and the best part is the design of the invoices is crisp, clean and exactly how you want it.

Their customer service is SPOT ON. Fast and super efficient. No recorded lines, you get real people.

Highly recommended.

Lindsey S.

"I wouldn't want to do business without it."

Blinksale has helped me manage my invoices and payments so much more than I thought it would.

Running a small business on your own can be very difficult. Especially when, like myself, you are your own account manager.

Blinksale makes it easier to keep on top of payments and accounts receivable.

Casey R.

"Love it"

Really great customer service. Software is easy to use, very intuitive and actually gets me excited about putting together estimates for clients. I always refer back to my dashboard to see what the year has been like and compare past estimates

Jordan B.

"The best"

Blinksale has made the invoicing process not only easy, but enjoyable! I would recommend this to anyone.

Jonathan A.

"Blinksale is a Small Business Owners Dream"

I signed up for Blinksale for two reasons, the first being their promise to make the invoicing process painless and effortless and secondly, for the simple, yet beautiful, design of the app itself. Blinksale, without a question, delivers on their promise to be the easiest, most productive way to send invoices on the Web.

The process is so simple, whether I'm sending 10 invoices a month, or one-hundred! I can effortlessly send estimates, convert them into invoices, and track payments. As a contract creative freelancer, dealing with accounting and invoicing is legitimately the least enjoyable part of my job.

Before Blinksale I tried a slew of different invoicing options like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Harvest, but none of them really fit my needs for invoicing nor could I justify the outrageous amount I was spending on them. Then I found Blinksale and it was perfect for me and my business. My clients receive timely, well-designed, invoices and can seamlessly pay me on the spot, with Blinksale's, "Stripe-Integration."

Not only has my stress-level for invoicing gone down, but so has my DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). I can't recommend Blinksale to creatives and small businesses enough.

From web interaction, to stellar customer support, Blinksale is a small business owners dream application.

Robert S.
Creative Freelancer

"A beautifully elegant yet robust online tool! "

I've been using Blinksale for many years now and overall find it to be a fantastic product.

I've used other online invoicing apps and have found some to have less features and others more features and I think Blinksale strikes a really nice balance as a very robust yet simple tool that does just what it needs to: make it easier to invoice and ultimately easier to get paid for your work.

I wish there were more than 5 stars for ranking the quality of customer service.

Any time I've had an inquiry, I get very quick email response/online support and even phone support if needed. This support doesn't come from a some random call center but instead a really personable individual that cares about you and making sure you get the most out of their product.

They're always working on making their product better and listening to customer feedback, too. I've enjoyed seeing the app grow over the years and can't wait to see where they take it from here.

image austin
Austin M.
Travel Photographer

"Freelancer's Dream"

This is my first year as a freelancer and the hardest part by far has been the business side of the business. Invoicing, getting paid, keeping up with's a headache on the best of days.

I was introduced to Blinksale about 6 months in and my only regret is not having used it sooner! A must for freelancers and small business owners new and old!

Ben L.
Creative Director

"It's nice to have an invoice that reflects the quality of my work"

Being a Designer it is tough to settle on a look for anything-these invoices look like a million bucks. It's nice to have an invoice that reflects the quality of my work!

Lisa C.

"A must for all business owners -- big and small"

I run a large collaborative workspace of freelancers, and Blinksale is a lifesaver.

We primarily use the service to compose detailed estimates for potential events -- and it wows clients every time. Having a clean, organized, and beautiful interface instills confidence in our brand -- and we're obsessed with it.

All our freelancers (photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, designers, and developers) swear by it.

The best part of Blinksale? THE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Always amazing, willing to help, and they talk to me like a human being.

Definitely one of my favorite companies out there.

Tiffany M.
Coworking Owner

"Saved me time and saved me headaches"

Blinksale has been great! I have a monthly maintenance contract and before Blinksale I had to remember to go in each month and manually send out the invoice, but Blinksale has a recurring invoice feature that I was able to setup to automatically send out a new invoice every month. It's been great!

Bradly F.

"Amazing tool that improves efficiency with great customer service!"

I recently started using Blinksale and so thankful to have found this tool! It allows me to invoice clients more professionally and efficiently.

Customer service is very responsive, personable, and has gone above and beyond with any questions.

Great product for consultants, freelancers, and corporations! Highly recommended.

Kate L.

"Game Changing - Simple & Effective"

Perfect for small businesses. Quick and simple to use! Invoicing is seamless and easy to track. I can also send reminders for unpaid and late invoices in seconds. You can see total income broken down by any time period you select. This is a very usable way to get organized and get it done!

Ashley R.

"Absolutely love it."

Until about a month ago, I used Freshbooks for all my invoicing. After giving Blinksale a go, I immediately switched over. Since then, I've been more than please with not only the service and ease of use, but the customer service has been unmatched by other companies. I can't recommend it enough!

Skyler F.
Owner, Design Agency

"A perfect balance of simplicity and power"

Great customer service, easy to use, simple, and powerful. A great tool for someone who wants to make their job easier, not add something else to their job.

Paul B.

"Easy to use"

Of all the applications I use for business, Blinksale is the most important and easiest to use.

Greg F.

"Essential Product "

Since starting freelancing there is one product that has helped me more than anything and that is Blinksale. It's not in my nature to focus on this side of business but this product has worked hard to make my work efficient.

Very thankful for what Blinksale is and cannot recommend it high enough for people looking to simplify their business.

Doug K.

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