Billing and invoicing are critical components of running a car rental service. We'll look at car rental invoices and how to create one for your business.‍

How to Create a Rental Car Invoice

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Billing and invoicing are critical components of running a car rental service. As a result, if you manage a car rental service center, you must include a unique rental car invoice. In this article, we'll look at car rental invoices and how to create one for your business.

Car rental invoice what is it all about?

A car rental invoice is a specific type of bill that can be delivered in person or by email. It is typically sent to customers of a rental car service center who have rented a vehicle for one or more days. Client costs will be determined by the following factors:

  • Vehicle type
  • Taxes
  • The driver's age and level of experience
  • The length of time the car will be rented

Using an official invoice to document the specifics of the package arrangement will allow the rental company and the customer to communicate with each other even after the transaction and will aid the business's accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

What is the definition of a car rental service?

A car rental business that provides customers with rental vehicles of various sizes and configurations on a daily basis. Longer rental periods are frequently subject to discounts and other incentives. Many rental car businesses are frequently found in densely populated or high-traffic locations. Airports are also typical locations for rental centers because most travelers do not have access to a mode of transportation and will need to rent a vehicle.

Pricing Factors for a Rental Car

Pricing is often managed and required by business executives before being passed down to each chain in larger and more established rental vehicle organizations. Customers will find this approach more convenient since they will understand how much they will most likely pay regardless of their location.

This approach, however, is not immune to outliers such as top-rated locations and special promotions offered by a specific chain. Pricing for small-business rental vehicle firms is totally determined by their decision. That being said, while choosing various pricing structures and pricing costs for any new or small-business rental vehicle business, the following aspects should always be considered:

Trip Duration

The golden rule for driving time is that the longer a client leases a vehicle, the cheaper their charge. This pricing system is quite common in the rental car industry, as well as other rental businesses. Long-term leases for in-home rentals, for example, typically result in a lower monthly charge.

The discount will be determined by the demand for a certain rental vehicle in the business's region of operation as well as the rental company's daily price guideline. Another typical pricing technique is to not charge by the hour, which is a realistic option. Instead, prices might be charged for as little as one day.

Date of Reservation

When it comes to the booking/reservation date, it is customary for you to give customers who reserve earlier a much cheaper price. Same-day rental requests need extra effort while not allowing for adequate planning on the part of the rental business.

Type of Vehicle

When it comes to type of vehicle, the general guideline should be that larger and more exotic automobiles should be much more expensive to rent than smaller, economy-sized vehicles. This is due to their high initial price and ongoing maintenance requirements. Charge a higher fee for quicker vehicles, such as sports cars, to compensate for the more aggressive ways consumers drive the vehicle.


If a client returns a car with less fuel than what was originally in the tank, they should be charged for the cost of the gas as well as an extra price for the energy and time required to replenish the vehicle.

Age and driving experience

Customers under the age of 25 should be charged a higher rate or a daily fee (between $10 and $20). This additional fee is to compensate for the greater responsibility they will pose. You can also implement an age-limitation policy that prohibits drivers under the age of 25 or 21 from renting a car from your business.

You should also be aware of your state's car rental policies. Certain states generally ban age-based rental restrictions. According to an article in the Enterprise, age limitations exist in the following states in the United States:

car rental image 1
car rental image 2

‍What to Include in an Invoice and How to Create One

Creating a car rental invoice is similar to writing other sorts of invoices. The difference is in the content and products included in your invoice. Follow these steps to create a car rental invoice:

Step 1: Obtain the Rental Car Invoice

Visit invoicing solutions like Blinksale to receive a free car rental invoice template. You may also make one for yourself. Blinksale provides an easy and fast solution for you to build your own unique and personalized invoice on their website.

Step 2: Display Your Business's Information

The first thing you'll need to include in your car rental business information is whether you're utilizing and customizing a cloud-based invoice like Blinksale. Remember that every invoice should start with a request to identify the rental car company providing the invoice.

Replace the placeholder for "Business Name" with your company name. Then, provide your complete name or the name of the corporate person in charge.

Next, include your company's full address as well as any contact information, such as your fax or phone number and email address.

Step 3: Attach Car Rental Invoice Transaction

The invoice must also provide a common or unique point of reference that connects the documentation to the two parties involved. This item is also known as the invoice number or unique invoice number. To make it simpler to find prior invoices, provide an invoice number on all of your invoices. It will also be extremely beneficial to the accounting and bookkeeping departments.

Step 4: Keep A Record Of The Customer And The Rental Transaction

The client who rented the car must be reported and documented in a separate location. Make sure to include the customer's name, address, mailing address, and any other pertinent information. 

You'll now need to talk about the rental deal. First, fill out the "Description" area with information about the rental. The entire number of days the client has had and utilized the car should be added up and presented in the number of days column. If you're starting from scratch, write it down manually.

Set a daily rate and the number of days to provide or review the basic information that will be used to break down the total cost. First, check the "Subtotal," which will function as the client's owing amount (excluding fees and taxes).

Finally, make sure to include the tax rate from your item library and add a comment or notes for any additional information about the agreement or the transaction.

Step 5 - Add More Content If Necessary

You can include short remarks at the bottom of your invoice outlining your payment policy and any repercussions for late payment. You may also include "Thank You" letters to demonstrate your appreciation to your customers for picking your car rental business.

Why Should You Use Recurring Invoice?

Understanding how to make a car rental invoice is a great first step in improving your whole invoicing system. However, if you want to simplify the process and more easily, you might think about automated recurring invoices.

Recurring Invoice

Subscriptions are no longer limited to publications and utilities. Software, digital services, mobile phone subscriptions, and other services are increasingly offered on a subscription basis. This method has gained in popularity in recent years since it offers several benefits to both customers and company owners.

Businesses will profit from improved and more consistent cash flow as well as lower administrative costs. Aside from that, here are five other reasons why recurring payments are getting increasingly popular throughout the world:

Recurring invoices improve business processes.

One of the most significant advantages of recurring invoices for businesses is a simplified procedure that saves overhead expenses and administrative workload. Business owners no longer have to waste time sending invoices manually to each client daily, weekly, or monthly.

Flexibility is provided via recurring invoices.

One big advantage of recurring invoices is that businesses may provide numerous subscription plans for their products and services based on the specific needs of each consumer, such as a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plan. This kind of adaptability enables businesses to attract and keep more consumers by offering them a recurring plan that best suits their needs.

Revenues are more predictable with recurring invoices.

Because recurring invoices occur on a regular basis, both business owners and consumers know what to expect in terms of revenue. Businesses that use recurring invoices know how much money they will get each month (or another time period).

Recurring invoices increase customer retention.

The flexible recurring invoice model helps businesses retain clients because it allows them to provide alternative invoicing schedules (i.e., monthly, quarterly, or annually) based on each customer's individual demands, such as their budget or payment preferences.

By opening and acting on numerous bills each month, the service subscription model also helps retain clients who may be inclined to discontinue services. Canceling a service with regular payments is a one-time action rather than an administrative nightmare.

Recurring invoices save time

Businesses can automate the whole recurring workflow, saving clients time, effort, and money in administrative expenditures.

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Final Thoughts

That's all! You understand how to make a car rental invoice. Remember to carefully follow these procedures. Make sure your invoice is complete and precise by not skipping any steps.

Blinksale can assist you with invoicing. You only need to register a free account to get started with your invoicing system. Try making a free account today.

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