It’s pretty simple to start your own moving company and you can choose whether to start doing it part-time if you want to test the moving market.

How to Kickstart Your Own Moving Company

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If you’re on the lookout to become financially independent and want to start your own business but have no idea what and where to begin? Why not try creating your own moving company? It’s pretty simple to start your own moving company and you can choose whether to start doing it part-time if you want to test the moving market around your local community!

Things to Consider When Starting Your Own Moving Company

Now that you’ve decided to create your own moving company you must first plan and study what things you need to be a successful company and earn your first independent income! 

  • Planning Your Business
  • Equipment Needed
  • Skills Required
  • Necessary Permits & Licenses for your Moving Company
  • Moving Company Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Planning Your Rates
  • Invoicing

Planning Your Business

A great business should always be planned, and have goals so that you can see if the company is flourishing! You can start by how big is your moving company going to be, Moving companies can start small believe it or not! You can offer In-House Moving Services which will only require manpower to move things with only a room worth of furniture which will only require you to start with a small van and moving is hard labor so it won’t come cheap! You can also get started with a business acquisition.

Equipment Needed

Moving Companies doesn’t need much to start with, as we said earlier your company can start very small, requiring you only a van, But if you want to offer more and tackle on more heavy moving jobs, you’ll be needing these:

  • Moving dollies: These are essential for small and large jobs for they will   make your job a million times easier
  • Rope: to tie things and secure them while in transit
  • Moving pads: to ensure that the furniture you’re moving is not damaged in case of a bumpy ride
  • Furniture belts: additional security for the furniture you’re hauling
  • Moving boxes: use these for stowing small items like toys so they’re organized
  • Packing and wrapping materials

Skills Required

Starting a Moving company doesn't require you to be buff, you only just need to be healthy and active know the basic knowledge of safety while carrying heavy furniture, tying and stowing furniture in a moving van, and have proper weight distribution knowledge. With these skills in mind, even a small team of 2 persons can haul a lot of furniture with ease!

Permits and Licenses

Permits are important for starting up your business because they will ensure your business its legitimacy and will save you a lot of money. Since you want to open a legal business, you will need to apply for certain permits depending on what type of moving company you want to start. To learn more on how to secure your licenses contact your local state authority or search on the internet to get more information on how registration and licensing work in your state.

Moving Company Insurance

When starting a moving company you need to have liability and cargo insurance. These will not only help you save you unnecessary headaches, but they will also save you a ton of income. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive kind of insurance, go and contact your local insurance agency to learn and find some reasonable insurance coverage for damages and liability. You need vehicle and cargo insurance. Some states have specific requirements on what is the minimum legal amount of your cargo and vehicle insurance so check on your local government on what you’ll need for insurance.


Marketing will not only help you secure your first customer, but it will also be instrumental for your company to flourish and grow. With the help of Social Media platforms like Facebook, you can start making your very own advertisements online, and harnessing the power of the internet is huge if you want to expand and grow. And don’t scoff at the powers of flyers, they are very effective marketing tools that you can employ.

Planning Your Rates

Your rates will be your first tool against the competition, remember that you mustn’t sell yourself short while keeping in mind that your rate should still be competitive and affordable. Your rate will help you win over customers especially if the competition is stiff, so give your rates a proper amount of research and wisely compare them against other companies.


 If you want to put your company to the next level, a good, well-planned invoice can be the difference-maker that will give you the edge against the competition. nowadays you can employ apps that will help you establish well-planned invoices to make your business not only look more professional, but they can also make your transactions hassle-free and smooth. You can check out Blinksale, it can be that difference maker that you need to push you from a start-up into a professional power washing service provider! Learn more about Blinksale here.

The first step is always the hardest as they always say, but if you want to create and start your own moving business you need to take that first step and these tips will hopefully make your journey to success. 

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