In this article, we'll go over all of the specifics and information you'll need to find out exactly how to generate a social media invoice template.

How to Make a Social Media Business Invoice Template

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Nowadays, no business can grow unless it has a strong social media presence. This marketing channel has grown so rapidly in recent years that it would be a waste not to take advantage of it. That is also why social media managers have emerged as one of the most important roles in any organization. To be relevant, any business requires social media exposure. That is what social media professionals do. And if you're one of them, you'll need to figure out how to bill your customers. This is where a social media invoice template can help.

A social media marketing invoice template is a billing and invoicing document. Before beginning a social media marketing project, it is critical to establish an agreement with the client. During this time, you will either secure a reasonable deposit or pay for your social media marketing services. It makes no difference when you want to send out a formal request for owed payment. However, you must ensure that the invoice you send is unique and consistent throughout the system. With this level of consistency and professionalism, you will be able to gain new clients while keeping current ones.

What exactly is a Social Media Invoice Template?

A social media marketing invoice is a type of invoice document that is commonly used to collect payment (also known as the invoicing period) from a business or an individual in exchange for social media marketing services.

Freelance social media specialists and agencies typically charge by the hour, as a single project cost, or as a monthly fee. A social media marketing invoice contains detailed notes, the payment schedule date, and any other important contact information, in addition to listing each and every cost of the work and performance. These particulars will be required to maintain a professional profile and visual appeal for clients.

Social Media Marketing What Is It All About?

Social media marketing is a subcategory of online media marketing that focuses on the distribution of various media formats via internet social platforms. This activity aims to reach a large or targeted demographic of people in order to increase or improve a company's online influence and presence. This will hopefully increase sales, which will result in revenue growth.

A social media marketer or marketing expert is an expert at making posts go viral and getting people to talk about them. They typically achieve this level of social media marketing excellence through careful planning and extensive research.

Social Media Platforms

Some social media agencies believe that offering a few services across one, two, or multiple platforms is the best option. Other companies, on the other hand, offer a broader range of social media marketing options, allowing them to acquire a comprehensive and diverse set of clients.

Whatever type of social media marketing strategy you provide, knowing and understanding the various social media platforms is critical. This level of expertise will be necessary for both freelance marketers and full-service digital marketing agencies.

The following list categorizes the most widely known types of social media platforms:

  1. Social Networking Platform (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  2. Images Sharing Sites (e.g., Instagram, Imgur, Snapchat, Pinterest)
  3. Social and Travel Review Sites (such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Angie's List)
  4. Community Blogs Platform (e.g., Medium, Tumblr)
  5. Video Hosting Platform (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)
  6. Services Platform (e.g., Rover, AirBnB)
  7. Discussion Forums (e.g., Quora, Reddit)

Invoice Template for Social Media

Now that you've understood everything there is to know about social media marketing, it's time to learn how to make your own social media invoice template. You will have three choices:

Step 1: Prepare your Company Logo

First, ensure that you have your logo. It is critical that you have a distinct identity by brandishing your own Logo for your Invoice Template to look visually appealing, informative, accurate, and legitimate. Before you can create an invoice on the Blinksale platform, you must first create a free account.

Step 2: Identify the company requesting payment.

Begin your invoice creation journey by entering the legal professional name of the social media marketing company or manager. You can do this through the preferences settings under your business profile.

Followed by your company's contact information. Typically, it will begin with the "Name" line, which will include the name of the social media marketing representative or social media manager.

So after the name, the next section will focus on the mailing address of the social media marketing company or social media manager. The address would include the name and/or the number of the street, the city/state, the country, and the zip/postal code. Include a customer service number through which the client can contact the social media marketing company or manager.

Step 3: Validate the Invoice information.

Every invoice sent by a systematic and well-organized invoicing process includes a unique invoice number. This invoice number serves as the invoice filing number as well. Numerous companies regard this feature as an invaluable tool for referring to previous invoice records. Furthermore, your clients would be able to quickly locate and review previous invoices.

Step 4: Verify the client’s name and other essential details.

The invoice should also include your client's name and other information. This individual or organization is in charge of paying you. Make sure to include their contact details on the invoice as well. Include the street name/number, city/state, country, and zip/postal code in the same format as the address.

Step 5: A social media service provider is being commissioned.

Once the invoice is paid, you should also mention the social media marketing services you provided to the client. The "Description" box will ask for information such as the title and signature date of the agreement; a social media marketing service package; or the types of social media marketing-related services that will or have already been performed for the client.

Step 6: Determine the cost of all social media services offered.

Pricing information for the provided social media marketing services. In the first textbox, itemize and list the basic costs. Each marketing package or contract mentioned in the "Description" column should be represented by the price items.

Any "service tax" or "sales tax" required by the state in which the social media marketing company or manager operates must be documented separately from the "subtotal." Calculate the total amount of tax included in the invoice, then enter it in the "Tax" field.

While many social media services are not taxable in the majority of states, any physical item produced or sold to the client will almost certainly be subject to sales tax. An example would be a paid app or program, or a hard copy of any advertising material.

The final section will include the "Total" sum requested by the social media marketing company or manager. To get this number, add the invoice "Tax" and "Subtotal" amounts together. The generated amount will be displayed in the "Total," which the client must then pay.

Step 7. State the due date for the combined amount.

We recommend that you clearly state when the payment for social media marketing is due. Begin with the invoice's "Date" field. Keep track of how many days the social media marketing company considers a payment grace period. The deadline will also be communicated to the client.

Step 8: Add more information.

Some client tasks will be the result of a service agreement, while others may be project-based only. If any agreements are involved with or result from this invoice, a copy is generally required for the customer's satisfaction. The "Comments" or "Special Instructions" line allows you to define any such attachments as well as add additional notes or dialogue to your invoice.

Step 9: Create an Automated Social Media Invoice

It's time to automate the process now that you know how to create an invoice! There are several approaches you can take to automate your invoicing system:

  • Use the recurring invoices features provided by your preferred invoicing system (cloud-based, software).
  • Make use of a payment gateway that can automate payments.
  • Start making use of an online invoicing service such as Blinksale. This tool makes it easier to create and sends invoices, and it also includes features like payment tracking and report creation.
  • Connect your invoicing system to your accounting system. This will automate the creation and distribution of invoices and the tracking of payments.

Advantages of Automated Recurring Payments

So, what's the big deal about automation and recurring payments? You may wonder. Well, there are several advantages to this billing method; here are a few of them:

  1. Automatic payments are more likely to be delivered on time than manual payments. This is because using an automated system reduces the chance of human error.
  2. By eliminating late payment fees and penalties, automated recurring invoicing can help you save money.
  3. Payment automation makes it easier to reduce prices or offer discounts.
  4. Payment automation allows you to keep track of all your customers' historical records, making it easier to identify new opportunities for revenue and resolve customer issues in the future.
  5. Payment automation ensures a more steady and predictable cash flow, which is critical for any business.
  6. You can avoid calling a late-paying customer by automating payments. You can simply text or email them automated reminders!
  7. Payment automation means less data entry each month, which saves time for your business.

Most invoicing systems now include a recurring billing feature (and if yours does not, consider switching to another invoicing system as Blinksale does).

Why Blinksale?

We'd like to highlight our own Blinksale and its recurring invoicing features among the accounting and invoicing platforms available.

  • Blinksale offers additional features that allow you to create and set up your own recurring invoicing system for as little as $19 per month or $190 per year. You also gain access to the following features:
  • Using the platform's built-in scheduler, you can quickly create and set up recurring invoices.
  • Track your clients' payments with reports that show you whether they have paid their bills or when they are due.
  • Receive email notifications of late payments, past due, and settled invoices so that you can engage your customers for the amount.
  • Blinskale ensures that all of your invoicing and recurring invoice requirements are met in a single convenient and user-friendly platform. So, if you're curious, go check out Blinskale right away!


Congratulations! You've just finished formulating your social media marketing invoice format. It may appear to be difficult. However, once you get the hang of it, it will be a simple and painless process. Always remember that invoicing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It allows you to be paid and ensures that your clients fulfill their obligation to pay you. As a result, make certain that you exercise your rights by sending them a professional invoice. You will not only be paid, but you will also be helping your company's reputation.

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