Power washing can be done by yourself, and with a few investments in the tools, you’re going to use.

Wash Away Financial Woes through Power Washing‍

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How to Wash Away Your Financial Woes through Power Washing

Maybe you’ve seen a few videos on the internet of power washing services and want to start your own? Power Washing services might be the opportunity you're looking for! Power washing can be formed by yourself and with a few investments with the tools you’re going to use, you might just hit the right spots and you can establish an excellent income generator! Offering power washing services isn't as simple as spraying water through a hose no, you'll need to study and research to make sure that your business will earn you money and have the potential of growing.

Starting up your Power Washing Services

  • How to properly use a power washer
  • Ensure your investments give you income
  • Insurance and licenses are needed to ensure you’re legit and covered from all angles to save you from unnecessary expenses
  • What minimum equipment is required for you to properly start
  • How to get customers to jumpstart your business

How to properly use a power washer?

You’ve just bought your first piece of equipment; a power washer! But you don’t know how to operate it? As always, the first thing you must do in handling equipment that’s new to you is to read the instructions/manual so that you’ll know the basic procedures that’ll ensure that you can set up and operate your power washer properly! Also, the internet(YouTube) is flooded with videos that’ll help you understand the basics of power washing, a few videos here and there and you’ll soon be power washing to earn! 

Ensure your investments give you income

Now that you’ve got the gist of the basics of power washing, you’ll now need to know how the pricing for your services should be, so make sure that your rate will cover the expenses needed while operating and assure that you're still making a profit, not losses. Remember to not sell yourself short but keep in mind that you still need your rates to be competitive so you will have a steady flow of customers!

Insurance and licenses are needed to ensure you’re legit and covered from all angles to save you from unnecessary expenses

Starting up your power washing service isn't as simple as mowing your neighbor's lawn, you’ll need the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance to make sure that you won't waste your hard-earned investments down the drain.


Here are some of the basic licenses you'll need:

For licenses, you’ll need to apply them to your local government offices that handle these licenses. You can learn more from your local government offices on how and what are the requirements for the permits you need.


And here are some insurance that you can avail yourself:



If you're still confused about how to avail yourself of these, there are a lot of resources you can use to know more about insurances that’ll cover your business. You can consult your local town government or you can easily google just search these then add your location (business license + name of your city) then you can read more about it. Ask someone who has knowledge about insurance, like the local insurance agents.


What minimum equipment is required for you to properly start

Starting your own power washing service doesn’t need to be expensive, while the equipment that you’ll use is somewhat pricey, you can start by simply having a power washer, but that will limit the range of your services. But as soon as you start taking on jobs, you can expand and invest in more equipment that will aid you. When it comes to buying your equipment, it is better to go for quality instead of skimping out and regretting it later. Remember that your tools will be your main source of earning income thus investing in a good brand will do you more good than harm.


Here are some of the equipment you’ll need but are not limited to:

  • Truck, van, or trailer - vehicles that can aid you in traversing around the town
  • Hot water units - hot water is an important tool you need in cleaning
  • High power washers - your main equipment
  • Tips with various angles -You’ll need 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° angled tips and a chemical tip. These tools will save you a lot of time and effort
  • High-pressure and low-pressure water hoses - Different hoses for different situations for example you’ll need a separate hose for chemicals if you're using one
  • Nozzles – Include a turbo nozzle that you can use on hard surfaces like concrete. For other surfaces, you can use sprayer nozzles.
  • Surface cleaners – You’ll need them in various styles and sizes to clean different surfaces.
  • Water inlets – These hoses connect your power washer to the water source
  • Telescoping extension wands – It is preferable to get the aluminum telescoping extension wands to help you reach higher
  • Generators – You need them to create the power for your pressure washers unless you purchase an all-in-one engine.
  • Electric motor or gas engine – You can use these engines to generate pressure or even heat the water for cleaning tasks. If possible, always go for the gas engine for ease of use and stick to known motor manufacturers but electric motors work fine too
  • Chemicals and soaps – Choose the chemicals and soaps you need specific to the job. You’ll need different detergents for cleaning houses, gutters, and concrete surfaces, cleaning up construction sites, removing graffiti, and washing decks.
  • Reels – You need them for storing and organizing your hoses.



How to Get Customers to Jumpstart Your Business

You got your equipment and your licenses now you’ll wonder how to attract your very first customers, well here are some tips that will help you snag your first customer and keep them coming!

Social Media- these days, the internet is just one tap away from your smartphone or computer, you can use this to your advantage by posting your advertisements through Facebook, and Instagram or you can create your own website using 3rd party software 

Offline Marketing - Offline marketing is nothing to scoff at! A few leaflets are a lot of help pushing your brand/service through the local community and we can’t forget the good old Word of mouth advertisement, a satisfied customer is one of the greatest forms of advertisement and word will spread through the community of your work by just giving great service! 

Invoice - Yes you read that right, a good, well-planned invoice can be the difference-maker that will give you the edge against the competition, Using Blinksale can be that difference maker that you need to push you from a start-up into a professional power washing service provider! Learn more about Blinksale here

And there you have it! Knowing the basics will ensure and help that you’ll start earning steadily and grow your business to powerwash your way into success!


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