What is an Equipment Loan

You need to buy a new:

  • Tractor
  • Semi Truck
  • MRI machine
  • Other machinery, restaurant equipment, etc.

These are big capital expenses that most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to pay all at once. We are back at a common dilemma: Is the only option going to the bank and trying to secure a line of credit? That’s going to be a really hard line to secure, especially if your business is newer or experiencing a growth spurt. Total years being in business helps, but is not required for a specific type of loan: Equipment loans. The two big things the lender looks for when you want an equipment loan are your credit score, and if you're able to make a down payment. The loan is secured against the piece of equipment itself. You may also need to present bank statements, P&Ls, tax returns. And then show an actual invoice for the equipment purchase to prove you’re not using that fresh semi-truck money to buy an RV and visit Yellowstone with the wife and kids. When the loan is complete, you own the equipment the same way you would own a house. In time your business owns the asset outright.

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